Thanks for the memories Canon!

Just the other day my kids and I were ever so lucky to spend the day in the cage and hanging out with former New York Yankees and current New York Mets 3rd baseman, Todd Frazier thanks to Canon and their #PIXMAPerfect Mini-baseball camp. If you haven’t figured out yet that we’re a baseball family, consider yourself notified. From my all-star nephew who can pitch a 95 mile per hour ball and my 8 year old whose middle name is Derek after Derek Jeter, and truly exemplifies his motto of #BeLikeJeter from his swing to his immensely huge heart, my daughter and her totally legit batting stance, to our backyard batting cage so they can perfect their craft — We simply love the game. This was such a treat for me to marry my love of my boys playing baseball and photography. I am the team photographer and to date, have take 4 to 5 thousand photos of my boys and their teammates all on my bevy of Canon DSLRs.

Most recently, much to the gasps and shock of my photography friends, I sold my Canon 7D along with my SL1 for the Canon SL2. I can hear the shudders from here, but hear me out. I absolutely loved my Canon 7D for the quality of photos it produced but it was a beast to carry around. It simply was not a camera I would just grab and go with. The ever compact and yet fully capable Canon SL1 was my camera to grab and go when I wanted photos that were better than my iPhone 8 plus. I used that baby until all the lettering on it wore off, I called it well loved, and it was by all my photography subjects and parents. The SL2 had me with their wireless capabilities, and going with the times, I decided for my next adventure abroad, to upgrade.

When comparing side by side, there is no comparison, the 7D and those like it, produce stunning photos, it’s simply a superior camera, with the price tag to go with it. But the SL2 doesn’t disappoint. With so many amazing features and auto intelligence, anyone can take amazing, profession grade photos and this was particularly key when shooting baseball games. Since I go back and forth from portrait shots, to action shots, to low-lighted night games, I needed a more simplified way of switching quickly between modes and capturing the moments before they disappeared and the SL2 delivers just that. Obviously that’s why, for the 5th year in a row, Canon is the official camera and printer of Little League Baseball and Softball, the world’s largest youth organization.

During the event, as my kids did multiple rounds in the cage with Todd, I got a chance to check out some of their latest products including the super fun Canon Ivy mini photo printer. It can print photos straight from your phone or from their app, with fun features like tile printing and printing on sticker paper.  Their PIXMA TR8520 Wireless all-in-one printer is a powerhouse that can print photos, game schedules,rosters, scan and fax without any issues. A total steal at only MSRP $99.99! The kids got a chance to make all sorts of fun crafts with their prints like a magnetic coaster in the shape of a baseball helmet. They left the event feeling inspired and even more in love with the game.

Check out our interview with Todd Frazier talking about growing up playing little league, celebrating the 20th anniversary of leading his young Toms River, N.J., teammates to the 1998 Little World Series win,  his advice to aspiring major league players and how Canon helps him and his family capture the memories:

{ disclosure: We were invited to an exclusive event, no compensation was exchanged. As always all opinions expressed here are my very own!