Bum Genius!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, with the new baby on the way, I am really considering cloth diapering this time around. There are a bevy of cute options out there which makes it all the more easier… cause I’m such a sucker for good design. Currently Apple Cheeks is the front runner of course with their button snaps. But I am still struggling with all the additional work I think using cloth diapers will require. Perhaps it’s all the extra work that I fear. Do you remember when baby first came home? It was sheer chaos for the first several months. Add breastfeeding every two hours and it compounds. I remember being in such a haze for the first few months. I’m not even sure how I managed. Everyday seemed to be filled with feeding baby every two hours, changing diapers 8- 10 times a day, doing laundry – washing and folding, washing bottles for milk storage, sterilizing bottles, pumping, cleaning pumping equipment. I remember my hands being so raw and dry from all the washing and antibacterial soap usage (preCleanWell discovery)… collapsing on the floor every now and then in tears of exhaustion. My husband picking me up off the floor and plopping me in a warm bath to breath… In retrospect, am I totally crazy to be doing this again?! Of course not. I love my Ava and it does get better every day. Getting through those first few months though is key. Perhaps I use the URBAN mom tag a bit too much to compensate for my being lazy, but once I commit to something, I go all the way… So if I go in with cloth diapering, I’m all in… just getting to the part where I’m all IN is TOUGH… I think one thing that is definitely a plus for cloth diaper is my commitment to breastfeeding this baby as well. I’m sure you know that the poo and pee of a breastfeed infant is much less “staining or damaging” than that of a formula fed baby. If I had to admit my biggest problem I have with cloth diapering is having to deal with POO… I already hate dealing with it in diapers, how the heck will I manage with cloth diapers. The germaphobe in me is screaming at the thought of poo stained diapers running through my washing machine and the thought of any other cloths going in there following… thinking there will be remnants of poo somewhere in the machine… mixing with my intimates… ewww!!!

I think I just stumbled upon something that might just make me able to go ALL IN though… have you seen these liners that Bambino MIO and Bumkins just announced? I haven’t tried them of course, but the idea has got me intrigued… simple flush-able liners that cover your cloth inserts and collect solids for disposal. It totally solves my poo problem! Of course I’m sure a little poo will leak… I can deal with a little poo – I’m sure you’ve experience the occasional poo bomb from your little one. I am also going to try doing a g-diaper insert inside my apple cheeks and see if that works… I think Ava’s daycare teacher can handle that with the new little one. That’s another URBAN consideration I have to take into account. How will other caretakers handle this new idea of cloth diapering and how can I make it an easy one for them to willingly adapt to. One of my girlfriend’s even suggested doing a hybrid of cloth diapering at home and diapering when out and about if I’m really that unsure. She’s had tremendous success with that approach and feels it is at least a step in the right direction and fits her lifestyle. I think that’s the key. Finding the right balance for your lifestyle. Applaud yourself for at least making the effort to be a little greener and find the solution that works best for your lifestyle. I’ll let you know what I finally decide =0)