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Making Candied Apples at Kalahari Resorts
Making Candied Apples at Kalahari Resorts

Having grown up with 2 very hard working parents, my family and I didn’t travel much.  Yes we did a trip to Niagara Falls one year, even a road trip to Florida, but to say we explored would be a major no. They both were more of a step foot and touch the ground before we turned around and went back home.  It sounds rather sad, but it’s to no fault of my parents.  We were very poor then and they had hungry mouths to feed but travel was a thing that I only read about in books and they become places that I dreamed of.

If you think I’ve traveled more since I moved out and on my own, you can definitely say that, but have I checked many of those destinations off my bucket list? NOPE! Now with children of my own, I want them to see the world. My husband and I agreed early on, the larger our family got, the harder it would be for us to pay for their college educations but what we could give them in the meantime was a childhood filled with travel.  It hasn’t been easy with young children to accomplish this, but one trip at a time, we are doing just that.  Currently we’re checking off the basics of childhood for a noreaster – a trip to Florida, more specifically a trip to Disney, California, Carribean, upstate, etc.,

Next year I have the most wonderful of trips planned. A trip that I have been dreaming of before my oldest was born.  Her nursery was even decorated in Paris Pink. Our very first true international cultural rich trip to Paris. When I told one of my best friends, the idea of doing such a trip each year, to a new destination, just me and my girl, she thought it was a wonderful idea and committed to join us on these trips which makes it even more exciting and fun!

My world traveler waiting for his next flight.
My world traveler waiting for his next flight.

Of course we have a few challenges to overcome like my boys allergies and how young they are. Which is why I’m starting with my girl! Tackle their travel challenges will help me tackle theirs. Our girls will miss home for sure and they farther we travel, these trips aren’t going to be one-nighters. If we’re going to get the full experience, so finding small comforts like accommodations that feel more like home is key.  We’ve stayed many times in our continental travels at Residence Inn by Marriott.  We absolutely love staying at Residence Inn.  They have spacious suites to spread out with full kitchens, free wifi, complimentary hot breakfast with healthy options, free grocery delivery, as well as many with pools and fitness centers.  

As my boys get older and create their own travel bucket lists for us to tackle,  the full kitchen will be key for our family with 2 kids with severe allergies. Being able to have allergy safe groceries delivered right to our suite is such a great and wonderful thing, giving us peace of mind in our travel.  Merging a bit of eating out and dining in gives this family the right balance in vacation and home mode. 

We hope these travels will open their eyes to what the world has to offer and when they’re ready to leave our nest,  they will be all the wiser and well-traveled.

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{ disclosure: This is a sponsored post hosted by Traveling Mom and Residence Inn. As always all opinions are my own! Here’s to more travel in my future and yours! }