Breathing New Life into your OLD iPod

If you’re an (confession alert!) Apple addict like me, you’ve long since moved onto the iPhone. So what exactly becomes of the tossed aside but still fairly new iPods? My DH thought we should sell ours on eBay or Craigslist, but getting little less than $50 for a $2-300 working and probably pristine clean iPod seems a little sad… The cool folks at iFrogz have come up with the iFrogz Tadpole set. Fitting perfectly for the iPod Classic or video iPods, it includes a child-size headphones, a silicone case with sturdy handles, and screen and wheel-protectors that help keep the iPod scratch-resistant and fingerprint-free. It comes in Green or Purple and costs a mere $14.99. For a limited time you can get an additional 20 percent off. So breath new life into your cast away and load that baby up with some books from!

{ disclosure : self-purchased }