10 Toys for Boys – A Holiday Gift Guide


When titling our holiday gift guide, I always struggle with how to word our selections.  To be absolutely honest, I hate doing a TOP 10 list because in my opinion, your child’s TOP gift will be whatever he/she likes.  If they are into princesses or dragons, they will LOVE any princess or dragon gift instead of what is deemed to be the hottest toy of the season.  Instead my list is merely a guide if you’re completely at a loss of toys that made me go…. hrmmm.

  1. SKYLANDER SWAPFORCE –  Portal Masters can mix and match characters’ powers and moves and experience an unprecedented level of choices never before seen in a Skylander game.  My boys were a little behind, they weren’t fans until this game.  You’d think they were making up for lost time with the amount of hours they clock in playing this game.  Yes you heard right, the 9 year old and the “3” year old are obsessed!  It’s been a fantastic motivation to get bathes in, dinner finished and rooms cleaned.  Just you wait, next week my boys are in for a real treat as a Skylander Party Truck lands in our yard.  Stay tuned!
  2. ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS II TELEPODS – Don’t lie, your kids (and you!) love yourselves a little Angry Birds!  Coming together with the iconic Star Wars brand, they are bringing a whole other level of play with Telepods bringing all the launching and destroying fun both in digital and real life!
  3. HEXBUG AQUABOTS – The robotic fish that really swims! Water brings it to life!  Yes after Goldie died, we weren’t quite sure another fish was in the cards for this family but Aquabots is too awesome not to own!
  4. AIR HOGS ATMOSPHERE* – Air Hogs resonates with all ages and they are much more than R/C toys.  This powerful levitating sphere requires no physical remote control — you are the controller — and hovers above any surface! Its spherical shape allows the Atmosphere to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight.   If you’re got a little boy and little girl to shop for we love pairing the Air Hogs Atmosphere with a Flutterbye Fairy!
  5. ZOOMER* – $79.99 MSRP.  We LOVE Zoomer!  Albeit a personal story behind our love of Zoomer.  You see, Marcus is allergic, amongst his many other allergies, to dogs.  Would you believe that he is just crazy about dogs?!  Of course he is!  He has been begging for a dog (and begging and begging) and before anyone starts mouthing off to me about hypoallergenic dogs, he has a combination of allergies ranging from food to environmental to pets.  So even if we had a hypoallergenic dog, we’d be bathing him several times a day, after each and every walk to ensure he isn’t bringing any allergens into the home and at the first signs of any reaction, well he’d be just another statistic for the dog shelter and the endless heartbreak for my children who will of course have fallen in love.  In comes loveable Zoomer!  He sits, he follows, he rolls over and plays dead.  He loves to play with my kids and they LOVE to play with him!  He fits in perfectly with my little zoo!
  6. DISNEY PLANES WING CONTROL DUSTY CROPHOPPER REMOTE CONTROL PLANE $39.99 ARP – Phew!  Trying saying that name all under one breath!  So my lil guy isn’t quite big enough to play with the big boy’s R/C toys but he can definitely have some high-flying fun with this role-playing toy.  Just strap on the wings like Dusty and your little guy can move the plane with his own motion!  Sounds and phrases from the movie add to the fun!
  7. Want a little less tech and a little more action?  Then the AIR STORM Z-TEK BOW* is for you… or the favorite boy in your life.  Ever since this toy came in my door, there has been non-stop fighting over it… and this mom is OK with it.  Dubbed the Ultimate parent-approved foam bow and arrow combo, your kids can get their Hunger Games action on!  It comes with a Zartz Suction Cup Arrow and two Zonic screaming whistle arrows which scream through the air.  Got a girl who wants in on the action?  We have and love the matching Air Huntress!
  8. PLASMA CAR – $55.00 MSRP.  A classic for over 10 years, I love toys like these that really last forever.  Made for ages 3+, it is completely kid powered, harnessing inertia, centrifugal force and  friction for a super fun ride!
  9. CRAYON BANDOLIER – $25.oo.  For the love of art – Fight with your very own crayon ammo belt!  We love this little handmade with love item for the little artist in your family!
  10. BEST STOCKING STUFFERS:  Teenage Munant Ninja Turtle UNO cards*!  The classic UNO game with a twist – PIZZA anyone?  My family has been enjoying nightly games to wind down right before bed.  It’s been teaching my kids all about sequencing, following the rules and counting!  For the little warrior in your family, we love Tenkai Knights*! Not only is it revolutionary with it’s shape-shifting building fun but it also is compatible with all major building sets really extending the play!

What is sure to be one of the HOTTEST toys this holiday season and already a family favorite… (1) Lucky Mom Confessionals’ family is getting their holiday wish with Zoomer, the robotic pup!   You must answer, “What trick will you teach Zoomer?”  You have several additional entry options if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  ALL ENTRIES ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET.  Good Luck!

{ disclosure :  Samples were received for some of the items in this list and denoted with “*”, NOT all.  As always, all opinions expressed on this site, are our very own. }