Big City Mom’s BIGGEST Baby Shower Ever!

{ disclosure : self paid ticketed event, no discount or incentives received }

Yes despite an aggravated pubic bone, nothing was stopping me from attending the BCM Biggest Baby Shower Ever ~ I now had a legitimate reason to attend!  Later I learned you didn’t even need to have one from the bevy of my blogger mommy friends who were in attendance.  Well I attended as a guest with my due date partner in crime and we had an amazing time!  This event was so so much fun and so well put together.  From the moment we walked in through the American Girl doors, we were competing in a game of BCM Bingo. Visit as many vendors you could and get a prize at the end if you do.    There was many to see, but a definite few that stood out to me.

bambino_mioRight away I was thrilled to see the Bambino Mio Nappy set up close and personal.  Since I’ve been considering cloth diapering with the little one on the way, exploring every option was important to me.  I had, long ago, mentioned their revolutionary biodegradable liner which makes clearing poop on cloth diapers easier and less icky than many moms and dads can swallow…ahem, like me and my DH…I’d say a perfect balance for the metro parent who wants to be greener.  Since I’m such a sucker for european design, I adored the clean look and beautifully detailed covers.  I still have to try them to see if they pass the baby test, but so far they make the list for trial.  I also loved the nappy bucket which holds all those stinky diapers nicely until you’re ready to clean.  Nothing like pretty packaging aka design to lure me in.


I had worked with the (RED) campaign in my previous profession and seeing anything (RED) makes me smile.  Not only is the color symbolic for luck in chinese, the project I worked on won many awards, but the concept driving the campaign made me a loyal follower.  The basic premises of (RED) is empowering the consumer to make a difference through their ordinary purchases.  If you were buying a shirt anyway, would you buy a shirt that helped to save a life, or just buy a shirt.  If (RED) is an option, I tend to make it my only option.  To my great surprise, Bugaboo has joined the (RED) campaign with their entire line now available in limited edition (RED) designs.

mamOh the bevy of BPA-free bottles on the market!  I have so many to choose from now which is a refreshing change from the early days with Ava.  I happy to say even if my son turns out to be as picky as his older sister, he now has safer choices than she had.  While I’ve been leaning towards glass to be the safest possible.  I learned at the Born-free counter from their representative that he’d prefer plastic.  Not just for the weight but its safe, convenient and doesn’t break.  He’s tested this theory.  With an open mind… again… My eyes popped when I passed the MAM booth.  Yes more of that beautiful european design that caught my eye.  Upon further examination I was left thinking… my goodness my former nanny would have loved these bottles and I think they might have even passed the Ava pickiness test.  The bottle, cute as can be, also completely came apart in easy to wash pieces.  No need for special bottle brushes, even the bottom came off.  For even the nimblest of hands, like those of my elder nanny, she could wash them with ease with a regular sponge or even place gently in the top rack of my dishwasher which sanitizes quite nicely.  The nipple also aptly named “silk” like… felt very “silk” like and soft.


I definitely enjoyed seeing all the new products and updates to some classics like the UppaBaby system which informed me they have gone greener.  Starting with the organic bassinet which is lined with organic cotton and silky soft soy.  Many of their social efforts also made me smile, starting with donating functional but not A-grade strollers to charity, as well as allowing work-a-home opportunities for moms and heavy commuters.  rosiepope


All in all a fabulous and fun event.  While we didn’t score big ticket items like strollers and stuff, both my girlfriend and I walked out with bags of swag.  I even scored a $250 Rosie Pope Leather Hobo Maternity Diaper bag for signing up for a Big City Mom’s Pass as I’ll certainly be attending more of these events in the future.   Later on I learned that I had come quite close to guessing the amount of diaper pins in a contest held by – let’s see what the second prize entails!  Thanks for a great night BCM!