Big Changes!

A friend of mine just pointed me to this cool shower adapter, the Evolve LadyBug:

This showerhead adapter utilizes what they call ShowerStart™ technology which saves approximately $75 a year in water heating as well as reducing your water consumption by 2700 gallons yearly. In about 4 months, it should pay for itself! If you’re thinking its a slow flow, low pressure shower head, you’d be wrong. How does it work exactly you ask? Ever jump into a shower and get stung by the cold water emptying out? Well this little gadget flushes the cold and trickles once it reaches the optimal temperature of 95 degrees F indicating it’s ready and waiting. Step into the shower and with the flip of a switch you’re bathing in warmth. It automatically resets after each shower and attaches to any shower arm with the industry standard 1/2″ fitting.

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