TRAVEL: Beaches Negril Resort & Spa – Part II

Make Beaches Negril Resort & Spa your next family vacation destination.  This all-inclusive resort means you don’t have to do a thing!  Set on the famed Seven-Mile Beach, it is a true beach destination.  With a non-stop flowing bar, I grabbed a (virgin) pina-colada every time I could and soaked in the warm Jamaican sun.

The resort houses seven restaurants  including one reservation only Kimonos for an authentic Teppanyaki experience so you’re never lacking for choice.  We hear Dino’s Pizzeria rivals that of some of the best in NYC.  Our personal favorite was Arizona’s where we dined on huge rib-eye steaks while the kids had healthy and deliciously flakey crispy whole fish strips.  We have to admit to stealing a couple off of their plates. There is something open at every hour of the night so you won’t be hungry that’s for sure.  The kids particularly will go nuts for the open Sweeties Ice Cream Counter open 24/7 stocked with self-serve soft-serve ice cream, freshly baked cookies and specialty cupcakes.  Ice Cream for breakfast?! Why not?!

A family favorite was the Pirates Island Waterpark which provided fun for everyone.  My little one loved the smaller slides perfect for the 2-4 year old set and this mom loved the lazy river.  I could just glide along all afternoon. The husband was really excited to check out their Water Sport offerings and I even braved letting the little ones onto the kayak and the waterbike.  This mom’s heart is still palpitating from the events but I’ve got pictures to last a lifetime.

The definition of family vacation does include family time and they’ve got plenty of it.  From swimming at the pool, playing at Pirates Island Waterpark or checking out their nightly stage shows, there is plenty for the family to enjoy together.  But what about some ME time?  A vacation isn’t really much of a vacation if you’re minding the kids the whole time and not relaxing yourself!  Believe me when I say that even the kids want a vacation from their parents too.

The people at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa have you covered.  With a world class spa, Red Lane Spa, the husband and I were able to escape for a blissful couples massage.  Over 60 minutes, the husband and I closed our eyes and just rested.  Something we haven’t been able to do in a long time between working, “M”s medical issues, shuffling “A” to and from school, stressing over finances and life in general.  I felt years of tension and aches just melt away.

Do you think the kids missed us while we were away?!  NOPE!  On this particular day, they hung out at the Kids Came with Super Grover at his Super Science Fair.  This new activity encourages children to experience the joy of scientific investigation.  The kids got to Investigate Sand Treasures with Zoe, figure out what floats in Ernie’s Bathtub and experiment with Bert and his bubbles.  I was thrilled to see that it was a perfect activity for a wide age range.  My little guy was just as much a part of the action as his older sister.  As we watched from afar, you could tell the kids were having a blast.

We were surrounded by the characters of Sesame Street at every turn.  Beaches Resort is a proud sponsor of Sesame Street and through their collaboration they have a variety of programs that offer engagement with the characters all day long!  If you’re staying a week, you won’t be bored as the programming is different every single day! We loved running into the characters throughout the resort.  You never knew who you would stumble upon.  It paved the way for “M” to get over his character fears.  You could schedule a breakfast with them or watch them perform on the stage.  Every night there was a Stage Shown at the Big Top.  We loved singing and dancing along the Imagine with Sesame Street Stage Show.  We even got a chance to check out the all new Super Grover: Ready for Action Stage Show.

A new program this year is the Elmo & Friends Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party.  Part of the Kids Camp, Elmo and his little friends prepare for a special rock concert island style.  Doing everything from decorating their own paper guitars to exploring tempos with a variety of musical instruments.  “M”s inner rock star was in full effect!

Everyone loved Elmo’s Surprise Tea Time, even my little guy!  A new addition this year as well, they got to help Elmo plan a surprise party for his friend Abby Cadabby.  They dressed up, wrapped presents, made cards and practiced yelling “Surprise!”

For an additional fee, you can schedule a Character Tuck-In.  This is a camera-ready moment you don’t want to miss.  If your child is a little shy around characters, heed my advice and book this special moment for your last night.  It will give your child just the right amount of time to warm up.  My little guy was over the moon to get a bedtime story read to him and then be tucked in by his favorite Elmo.  It will forever warm my heart and I can still hear the excitement in his voice as he looked at me with the hugest smile and said, “Look Momma! Elmo!” and pointed up at Elmo and then hugging Elmo’s free arm wrapped around him.

While the family and I were there for a couple of days and jam packed full of activities, I still can’t help feeling like there’s still so much more to see at Beaches Negril Resort & Spa.  The kids are eager to go back and Bake with Cookie Monster  and Go Birdwatching with Big Bird.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we visit, they’ve got a ton of new stuff for us to check out.  We will definitely have to come back real soon!

Missed Part I? Read it here! and Check out my full Flickr album set here… and there may be a Part III in the works too! Stay tuned!

{ disclaimer: I was invited to a Press Tour of Beaches Negril Resort & Spa.  A small portion of my travel expenses and (1) guest were subsidized by Sandals.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }