Bathtime Fun!

My kids love bath time!  Not the washing up part, but rather the water fun.  Finding the right toys and removing the ick factor with them can be challenging.  We’ve had our share of squirt toys and lesson learned is that they’re fun for a little while but once they slime, it’s time to send the grime to the trash.  There are many great tub toys out there and here are some of our family’s favorite finds!

Boon Creatures Interchangeable Bath Toy Cup Set are perfect fun for my little man and not too boyish for my little lady.  These interchangeable cups lead to hours… okay until prune time… of imaginative play!

Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout is simply just fun diversion from the actual water spout and my wallet and lower water bill thanks the people at Yookidoo for this genius invention.  It is battery powered but cleverly waterproof for hours of play.  To keep this toy ick-free we recommend an extra minute or two run to ensure all the water has drained.  We’re also diggin the Yookidoo Stack ‘N’ Stream Tub Fountain which may become the forerunner as next new bath toy!

The newest toy to join our bath time fun is the Alex Jr Water Xylophone Bath Toy.  We’ve had many Alex Jr tub toys, but none have passed the ick test of time test, except for this one!  We’re happy to say this is a real keeper.  This Xylophone floats and detaches into sharable pieces and with its gentle pings, it’s music to these parent’s ears!

To hold all these gems, we adore our Kuster Bath Toy Pails.  We’ve got a him (ice blue & grey) and her (fushia & orange) set.  They are a two piece set that allows for proper water drainage and quick dry toys.  They’re also not to shabby on the eyes and fit in perfectly in our bathroom.