Baseball Moms: 5 Must-Have Tools for Recording your Child’s Games

I never thought I would love baseball as much as I do now but I do and mostly because my son loves it. I love watching him play and capturing those expressions of joy is something I love to preserve. When my medium originally was photography, I’ve now expanded to video.

Never one to do things halfway, I did a lot of research to make sure I had the best setup for optimal filming. My first purchase was the Go Pro Hero 6 Black. At the time the Go Pro Hero 7 Black had just come out but the small upgrades weren’t essential for me to record quality footage of my son’s baseball games.

Once you have the camera, you quickly realize you’re going to need to accessorize. Initially, I made the investment purchase of 2 additional batteries knowing that each had approximately 45 minutes of recording time. Very quickly I learned that 45 was variable and in some conditions, significantly less. Not to mention, loss of recording when you have to quickly switch out the batteries to continue recording, I’ve seen some crazy workarounds with wires and portable battery chargers but in addition to being cumbersome and compromising the GoPro, it wasn’t the best solution. If you’re going to add the bulk, efficiency and quality of product is important. My next purchase I absolutely love! I have gotten so many people to purchase this item I wish I had a way to monetize all this free advertising I’m doing for them. What is my MUST HAVE item? The DigiPower 9-hour Action Pack “Re-Fuel” for GoPro Hero 5, 6 and 7 [found at Best Buy for $59.99]. Not only does it give the GoPro over 9 hours of battery life, it is also completely waterproof and can be mounted on standard Go Pro mounts. GoPros, in general, have a history of overheating and while many cases out there completely encapsulate the GoPro, this Re-Fuel pack maintains a significant exposure of it’s exterior helping to keep it cooler. That’s not to say that the GoPro won’t overheat when exposed to direct extreme sunlight, but for that, a good ole baseball cap to shade the direct sunlight has done the trick for me! The Re-Fuel pack gives me enough battery life/recording time to survive a doubleheader and even a full tournament.

Having the right camera and the right battery is great but making sure you have the right recording medium is key for it to all come together. Tried and true, lesson learned, not all MicroSD cards are created equally. GoPro has put together a great list of MicroSD cards that they confirm will work with your GoPro model. While it probably is pretty comprehensive, following simple rules like purchasing reputable brands such as Samsung and Sandisk is my recommendation. Make sure to read the reviews and make sure you’re getting the correct SKU model MicroSD card.

My next purchase was something I didn’t discover until I saw another parent recording the games and it has quickly become my standard set up, the Fence Clip. After going now to almost over a 100 games, there is always a chain-linked fence behind home plate, the optimal vantage point. The Fence Clip was tailormade to “clip” your GoPro to the fence and comes with an optional safety tether to ensure even with the craziest of foul balls, your GoPro will stay intact. I currently have the original version, but two newer models are currently available as Limited Edition [$59.99] and Mini [$79.99].

Bringing it all together is GoPro Studio. While GoPro has long since discontinued this awesome software, you can still find it online for download. This app does so much and all for free! From slowing or increasing speed in just a portion of the video, to zooming and panning post-recording, I love GoPro Studio!

Watch my video below and see how I bring it all together with setting instructions, tips and tricks!

1. Go Pro Hero 6 or GoPro HERO 7 Black
2. Re-Fuel – 9 Hour ActionPack Extended Battery for GoPro
3. Samsung 256GB Evo Plus MicroSD
4. The Fence Clip Mini
5. Go Pro Studio [discontinued]