Bare Tea, Nothing but the Bare Best!

bareteaI’ve never been a coffee drinker.  Tea has always been my thing.  Not only is it healthier, yes ignore those comments about teas having more caffeine than coffee, I’m not sure how that rumor got started, but an average cup of joe has 2 to 3 times the caffeine a cup of tea has and tea is soothing in a way that coffee cannot be.  The massive selection of teas and flavorings ensures there is something for everyone.  My favorite has always been the tradition Matcha, a delicate japanese green tea.  Teas offer many health benefits from helping to burn fat to boosting your immune system.

This year unlike years before, I am sticking to my new years resolution of a happier and healthier me.  Right now, I am sitting in bed, recovering from surgery, and hopefully, it doesn’t take a life threatening problem to set you on the right course.  In addition to regularly working out, I’m still working on that, I am also making small changes to my daily routine.  I’ve spoken about this before, but a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon to wake up your body in the morning followed by a warm cup of green tea helps to kick start your metabolism.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to burn a little fat here and there. Drinking my favorite Matcha has been shown to increase metabolic rates, burning up to 70-80 additional calories per day.

englishI recently discovered Bare Tea Co.  A company that is dedicated to finding true joy in simpler living.  Those moments are often discovered over a warm cup of tea.  I love Bare Tea and their commitment to healthier living starting with a product that is organic.  I do always try to buy organic, but as you know, not everything needs to be organic, but Tea… yes, definitely organic.  You want nothing brewing but the all natural goodness and rich flavor Bare Tea has to offer.  Not to mention this is whole leaf tea offered in a sachet or loose.  This may be a minor distinction to some, but many of the amazing properties of drinking tea lies in its delivery.  Fresh whole leaf tea is known to hold its nutrients better than broken pieces, also known as fanning or dust to the true tea connoisseurs, which is often found in bagged tea.  Loose or in their whole leaf sachets, Bare Tea delivers on its promise of healthy organic and delicious teas!

Are you a tea virgin?  They got you covered with classics like Organic English Breakfast and Organic Japanese Sencha, a mild and favorite green tea in a beautiful satin sachet that ensures only the pure tea leaf flavor comes out in your cup.


(1) lucky Mom Confessionals’ reader is getting a delicious sampling of Bare Tea Co delivered right to their door! The winner will get to choose (2) choices of sachets + 1 cafe matcha products – total of 3 products!  Here’s to your health!

Answer this question, “What is your favorite way to kick start your morning?” All Entries ARE CONTAINED WITHIN THE WIDGET if you’d like to increase your odds of winning!  Good Luck!