Baby’s First Picture

… the first of many many to come.  Meet Baby “C”!  Don’t I have the most awesome OB in the world, I love the “HI MOMMY, LOVE YOU”  While Baby “C” was a complete surprise, we can’t wait to welcome the newest member of our family.  We’re in for the wildest ride of our lives.  I’ve been told, 2 is fun, but 3 is a PARTY!  It’s no secret that my previous pregnancies were fraught with all sorts of ups and downs but this time, is another time.  It’s another chance to do it better… to do it right.  Armed with my new medical background and education that I did not have with my previous pregnancies, I am ready to have a pregnancy on my own terms.  I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you all.

First off is simply just being happy.  While it’s still early on in the pregnancy, I’m already showing thanks to the lack of elasticity left in a belly that’s seen more than it’s share of pregnancies.  Instead of hiding behind loose fitting clothing and waiting the “appropriate” announcing time, we’re embracing every moment, including the bouts of nausea that rears its ugly head anytime it wants.  We’re being open and candid about our concerns and fears, and of course, being realistic. But nothings going to get us down!  We can’t wait to meet Baby “C”!