Baby Love

It’s a new year and a new outlook for the Chan Clan!  I know everyone has been waiting with much anticipation for an update and now that the whirlwind called December is slowly coming to an end, we’re happy to report the Amniocentesis came back NEGATIVE for Trisomy-18 (Emma’s fatal condition) and Trisomy-21 which I had screened as high-risk for early in this pregnancy.

Aside from my pesky pregnancy induced heart condition, now we can finally breath a sigh a relief and look forward to the arrival of newest member of the Chan Clan sometime in April!  Look how beautiful baby looks on the day of our amnio?

While none of my pregnancies are trouble free, it’s a different kind of pregnancy for sure.  My appetite is still spotty.  Breakfast is my best meal of the day.  I love eating breakfast.  Lunch recently for the most part doesn’t make me want to hurl into a bucket, but I definitely have my days where perfectly divine meals goes wasted.  It’s a conundrum I’ll never understand.  A craving one minute, and then as it sits right in front of me, I just can’t stomach it.  Dinners are my roughest to keep down.  While it seems like its a time of day thing, I think it’s really more of my decreasing activity level as the day winds down.  I feel the heart palpitations the most in the evenings and even more so as I lay down to sleep.  I find I’m often trying to will myself to sleep as fast as I can for some relief.  The hunger that use to bother me is a non-issue compared to the somewhat painful PVC’s and regurge combined with the awful gagging that accompanies it.  Not only does it not feel good, it doesn’t sound good either.  I don’t think anyone would be calling me lady-like if they heard me at night.

If I’m out and about, doing my busy thing, I can usually sneak in dinner with not much more than a little regurge when I sit down.  If only my energy level could remain so high all day long, but not even for a regular non-pregnant person does it.  I’ve been trying to make conscious efforts to snack more often and if it’s white food (potatoes, rice, pasta) just to fill up for the night, I’m okay with that.   Especially since the trending pattern of meals has me last eating around 4pm in the afternoon and not again until about 6:30am, which is a very long time for baby not to eat.  I’ve paid the price with one dramatic faint on the L&D floor and if I’m honest about 6 other times where I felt it coming and excused myself to the nearest corner to recover in private.

What I’m most happy to report is that I am now at 23 weeks and well, my previously diagnosed Pubic Symphysis Separation diagnosis in my last two pregnancies don’t seem to be much of an issue with this one.  Definitely on a heavy day at work I feel ligament pains and twinges here and there, but they are bearable and manageable.  I will retreat to the nearest chair for a reprieve and take it easy once I get home.  Those are the days you’ll find me in bed usually within an hour after I get home.  So far it’s being managed quite well.

A huge part of my motivation is that I’ve only got another 5 weeks left in my orientation as an L&D nurse before I’m on my own and can’t believe I’ve made it so far.  When the opportunity presented itself, early on in this pregnancy, to have my dream job as a L&D nurse, I couldn’t pass it up.  It’s a huge part of what has kept my spirits up.  I love my co-workers.  With approximately 13 of us pregnant altogether, it’s just a fun place to be.  We’re sharing all of our pregnancy battles, cheering each other on and keeping our doctors on their toes for sure.  We’re kind of known to give them hell.

With this big weight off my shoulder, I’m picking myself out of this hermit hole and re-emerging with a renewed sense of energy.  Now my days are filled excitement and researching Baby Gear and if I was obsessed before, wait to you see me now.  With the sex of the baby remaining a secret – who doesn’t love that moment at delivery – we’re having a LOT of fun with it.  I have a pinterest board:  Follow along as I obsess and covet all the new and amazing baby products out there as well as show you all my signature staple pieces like the Bravado Essential Nursing Bra, updated with an amazing limited edition collaboration with celebrity designer, Rebecca Minkoff.  Weigh in on what’s a MUST-HAVE and what’s a NO-NO!  It always amazes me how much things have changed from one child to another.  Being on this road for almost a decade, the baby market has changed so much over the years, making is just so much fun!  This is my last little baby and you can bet, it’s going to be a one for the books!

Wish you and yours the happiest and most amazing 2013!  Happy New Year!