Ava’s First Proper Tea Party @ the Macy’s Flower Show

Yesterday was an ultra exciting day for us. Ava & I were delighted to be invited to a tea party hosted by MyPrincessAcademy.com and Macy’s Herald Square. While I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, my little princess got dressed for the occasion in a silver bubble dress and fuchsia cardigan – she was ready to party! When we arrived we were greeted by a table set for a princess indeed! Tiers of tea sandwiches, cupcakes, brownies and more…

As all the little princesses say down for their meal, Darlene Fleming of Key Point Protocol took them through their training. She walked them through a proper greeting with a “Hello, my name is Ava Chan, how very nice to meet you” followed by a nice hand shake, how to hold your posture, and to respect the beauty of the dining table – elbows off! All while upholding the 4 pillars of being a princess – Generosity, Intelligence, Beauty & Confidence. It was a wonderful & important presentation that I think all parents should take note of – I think we forget princesses aren’t suppose to be spoiled!

Ava learned some very important things yesterday such as putting her napkin in her lap, how to drink like a lady from a tea cup and most importantly she learned the pillar of generosity. Thanks to the GENEROSITY of MyPrincessAcademy.com’s filled gift bag, Ava gifted a little girl on the train with one of her tiaras. Throwing a little green into things, I also taught my little green princess that garbage doesn’t get dumped on the streets, we hold things like empty juice boxes and used napkins until we happen upon a garbage can. I was very proud! The irony of it was coming home as some people were leaving their illegal dumpings along side my house – argh!

{ disclosure : sponsored by Macy’s Herald Square and MyPrincessAcademy.com }