Ava's Biggest Week Ever!

It’s been a milestone week for Miss Ava. Starting with her transition to a toddler bed on Saturday. Amazingly the fears all parents have of their little one’s new found freedom were unfounded. After a success 4 nights in a row of sleeping in the newly converted toddler bed, she has yet to actually leave it on her own. Every morning still results in a call for “Momma!” I’ve even sat in our bedroom waiting to see if she’d come a running. After one 20 minute wait and nothing but silence, I peeked in to find her lying in bed silently amusing herself with her stuff animals. We’ve even guided her in her descent from her bed – yes, we’re actually trying to teach her how to get out on her own – and still no little visitor in the morning! Sigh!

You might be asking why exactly we chose the age of 21 months for the transition. It’s simply a matter of practicality. This milestone week also marked our commitment to potty training! I say this because we’ve been passively training. Now that we’re committed, we’re making sure that we are doing everything to ensure potty training success. So to make Ava’s access to a toilet easier, we transitioned to a toddler bed for the ease of exiting and finding her way herself. Of course this huge step also meant saying good bye to a few comforts and loves. Gone are her adorable footie pajamas and the new wardrobe of shirts and pants. Gone are the onesies, sadly the new 24 month pack will be going straight into the donation bin. Wish I had know just how to prepare. You’d think with the plethora of parenting books out there they’d mention this – haha! Note to self for #2, when preparing for Potty Training, say good bye to crib, onesies and cute little footed jammies. The funniest part about potty training is the unexpected. Who knew that Ava would hate the really cool Boon potty and opt for her cousin’s old Sesame Street Toilet Potty converter. Okay, maybe everyone else knew that Sesame Street would trump everything and I guess I could be proud that she’s taken recycling to a whole new level using her cousin’s 4 year old potty seat. Game on little one! Who’s got a few potty training tips to pass on?!