Ava-isms – “Just go online”

On an exploratory trip to Target for no other reason than we were bored, we leisurely strolled the store aisle by aisle.  It’s a lot of fun, and very dangerous.  You just FIND things to buy.  At one point we stopped at the accessories counter and I decided to check out some earrings for the toddler’s newly pierced ears.  After internally rationalizing for a bit, I decided maybe REAL diamonds for a 3 year old might be a little extravagant.  I mean what might she have to look forward to when she’s say, 5 or 6 years old then?  Unfortunately there was no salesperson to be seen and I told the toddler we’d have to come back in a little while to see them up close.  She was fine with that and happily danced around the store, lingering of course in the toy section.  After about an hour, a toy bought for each child and munchies for mom, we headed home.  Halfway home, it occurred to me that we had forgotten the earrings and I gasped, “Damn! (ugh!) I’m sorry Ava, Mommy forgot to check back on the earrings. Sooo sorry!”  The toddler’s quick response back had me floored.  “That’s okay Mommy, just go online.”  And that was that!

Anyone think I shop online too much?