The Art of Seduction #ArtMuseNY

ARTMUSELOGOThere are days I miss the arts so much.  It was such a huge part of my life at one point.  I remember living at the museums in high school and college.  Even when I was away at school, every time I was home involved a trip to the MET, MoMA.  Even over the years I loved visits to the Getty, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf.  Some where over the years, the luxury of a day at the museum was lost.  My husband also was not a huge fan of the arts, while he could appreciate a beautiful painting, he didn’t like contemporary art and a visit to the museum was never his first choice of things to do on a carefree weekend and I never pressed it.  I packed up my oil paints, my pastels, charcoals and watercolors.  All my crafts went into storage and were all but forgotten.  Recently my kids have been showing so much interest and love for the arts thanks to a talented illustrator and dear friend, Luis Figueroa.  He’s been introducing them to watercolors and pastels and all sorts of different mediums that art comes in.  When they are choosing to paint and making all sorts of creations over playing video games and screen time, it’s a beautiful sight to see.  Last year I shockingly managed to convince my husband to take our kids into the city to check out the Ann Hamilton exhibit.  The kids were in awe.  It was so much than art to them.  How do I encourage and foster their fondness for the arts while inspiring continued creativity?

Met_Kids_002The New York art scene can be overwhelming even for the most avid of aficionados. If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the all the art New York has to offer or are simply not sure how to approach taking your kids to see art at museums or galleries, ArtMuse is for you. ArtMuse is an incredible company that has created ArtXplorers to introduce even the youngest children to the thrill and excitement of discovering art and history at museums. All of the ArtXplorers tours are thematic, interactive and fun!  They bring in props, costumes and stories to supplement and make art appreciation engaging and exciting. Every interactive discovery journey is completed with a related art project. Their themes range from “Mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Mummies” to “Ancient Greek Gods, Heroes and Myths” to “Meet the Kids who Live at the Museum” to “Monsters and Dragons at the Museum” to “Pop, Splatter, Dash: Discover Modern Art”.  There are enough themes to appeal to even the most youngest of artists.  Each bite-size tour is about 1 hour and 15 minutes long,  just perfect for the little ones.  Having been out of the art scene for so long, this is a great way  for the kids to see art and perhaps learn a thing or two myself.  Private tours, special gift tours, birthday party tours and any time tours are all available.  ArtMuse offers Scheduled Tours & Class Series and Custom Designed Private Tours for adults, kids, and families in New York City, London, Paris, Rome, and Florence.

Before all that, it may be time to introduce the husband to my first love, the beauty of Art.  ArtMuse is offering a special Valentine’s Day Art Experience. Take a break from the daily grind, from your parental obligations and work and experience art the ArtMuse way. This Valentine’s Day, give something special and different to your significant other.  Something that will definitely peek the husband’s interest, learning about The Art of Seduction: Women, Scandal, Portraits: 18-20th century at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Travel through the galleries and the centuries of the Metropolitan Museum to discover the intimate stories, scandalous love affairs and the inspirational women behind these European and American portraits. It promises to never be boring and you will never look at portraits the same way again.  To book this unique experience, contact Natasha Schlesinger at (646) 785-9759 or

{ disclosure:  This is a sponsored post by ArtMuse to introduce you to their amazing offerings.  The art lover in me couldn’t help but get giddy with glee over this amazing program and wanted to share.  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own.  }