Are you bathing your baby in formaldehyde?

My parents go through different phases all the time and I distinctly remember a phase where we switched from our normal shampoo to Johnson’s Baby Shampoo became they thought it was gentler and more pure – “what’s good for baby is good for me!” mentality. Little did they know their faith was ill-placed.

If you’re thinking how did they list formaldehyde and no one noticed?! As with all bottle ingredients, you practically need a PhD behind your name to understand them. The culprit is Quaternium-15, a preservative found in many cosmetics and common household products that releases formaldehyde. Where else can you find this carcinogen? Air fresheners, deep cleaners, hairspray, bubble baths, toothpaste, etc., Formaldehyde is one of the largest indoor pollutants in our home and is a known toxin that effects your immune and nervous system including your reproductive system. You might be effected by it without even knowing it if you’ve got allergy, asthma or cold like symptoms which result from immediate exposure.

If you’re curious to know the toxic factor of your bathroom content, check out, an un-biased database brought to you by the Environmental Working Group. They fill in the blanks where the FDA leaves you hanging.