Antibacterial Soap can be TOXIC?!

Triclosan NEVER!

If you’re like many families you think antibacterials are protecting you and your family from getting sick. WRONG! The antibacterial agent known as Triclosan contained in many household brands, has been found to be especially toxic to a developing fetus or child. Tests show it is often found in breast milk(!). Antibacterial products are everywhere from everyday products such as liquid hand soap, dishwasher detergent, cutting boards (microban), mattresses, bathtubs, and even shower curtains.

The Environmental Working Group reports that Triclosan is no more effective at eliminating germs than good old soap and water. Alarmingly, Triclosan has been linked to cancer in lab animals as well as liver and inhalation toxicity. When disposed of, it is toxic to aquatic life, breaking down into a form of chloroform when mixed with water from our tap (ie. from washing our hands with antibacterial hand soaps) add UV rays and you get dioxin, another toxic compound.

How do you escape this polluting predicament? Harnessing that innocuous household herb thyme, a natural antiseptic that eliminates germs. CleanWell’s line of Foaming Hand Soaps and Sanitizers utilizes that little herbs abilities in a BIG way, cleaning you and your family’s hands without dirtying your conscience or the environment. Check them out at We just love all the fabulous scents!

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