… and God Bless YOU!

The other day my family and I had the wonderful opportunity (again!) to meet more blogger mommies and their families at the Kleenex Battle the Bug event at the Bronx Zoo. It was the last stop of their nationwide tour to launch their new Anti-Viral tissue with educational games and displays for the kids. My daughter and others got to “Whack A Bug”, play an interactive game, catching bugs and learning interesting things like, a single uncovered sneeze releases over 100,000 germy droplets traveling at over 200 miles per hour covering at least 3 feet — eww! They also got to meet AhhhChoo, Kleenex’s “Germ” Bug.

The adults had an opportunity to speak with Jean Grabeel, Executive Director of the National Association of School Nurses, (and mom to one of High School Musical’s actors) as she gave us tips on keeping our kids healthy and safe during flu season. Some of the important points I definitely will be keeping in mind are:

Teaching your kids the importance of thoroughly washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap. My GREEN suggestion is something all-natural like my go-to CleanWell Hand Soaps.

Making a fun game out getting your kids to remember to cover their mouths and noses when they sneeze… How you ask? Let them practice sneezing as loud as they can into a Kleenex Anti-Viral tissue and reward them with stickers when they do!

  1. A point I wish all parents would remember, if your child shows symptoms of being sick, KEEP them at home. I know its hard in this society with two working parents but you’re not preventing the inevitable and you’re only helping to spread the illness and making it difficult for other working parents who will also eventually have to take time off to care for an ill child.
  2. One of the key things I think many parents side bar when thinking of preventing flu is something as simple as having good a good nutritional diet. I appreciated Nurse Jean pointing out that we live in a fast-paced, ready-prepared society and often our kids aren’t getting their RDA of vitamins, fruits and vegetables. Taking a good multivitamin such as my favorite ShakleeBaby MultiMineral and MultiVitamin formula goes a long way in building a child’s immunity.

Another point learned, albeit a minor one that has often crossed my mind with a sports playing fanatic husband in the house, Gatorade and other sports drinks, is not for regular consumption! It contains an enormous amount of sugar and electrolytes whose purpose is for refueling, not for normal thirst quenching.

Throughout this event they were of course touting their Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues which guarantees to kill 99.9% of germs within 15 minutes thanks to a moisture-active layer. You can bet I will be looking into what exactly in that layer but the concept sounds good to me so far. I definitely know in my household, people sneeze and leave their tissues lying around. When my daughter is feeling her helper mood, I can see her running around grabbing all those germ-laced tissues for disposal – CRINGE!

Thank you to Kleenex Anti-Viral, Nurse Grabeel and The Motherhood for hosting such a fun and informative event!