And Away We Go Couponing!

20121217-232710.jpgSo this week began my very first foray into the world of couponing. Taking cues from my dear friend Vera Sweeney of Lady and the Blog and I’m Not Obsessed fame, I set out to save some major $$$. When Vera said you actually have to invest a little in couponing, I don’t think she meant by spending money at Staples on a fancy binder, dividers and pockets. Alas I couldn’t help myself. I got a lovely Pink binder with pretty dividers and invested in those baseball card sheets and coupon sheets. Now that I was set, I hopped on over to the neighborhood CVS down the street.

First things first was to replace my now long lost CVS Extra Care card. Forget trying to get them to replace it, bypass the hassle, I just asked for a application and got myself a new one. From there I headed straight to the coupon machine and scanned scanned scanned! One tip I picked up from another couponer is to scan until it tells you to stop. I reaped 2 additional sheets of coupons! Yay!

This is where it got a little dicey. I knew I was going to fork over some cash this trip to get my ECB (Extra Care Bucks) but I tried to prep a little before hand. I was armed with my trusty coupon folder (now laid to rest thanks to my fancy pink binder) and the latest circular. I perused it for items that my family certainly uses and noted them for purchase only if they rewarded me with ECBs or if I had a coupon already for the item. The items selected were:

  • Refill razors for the Gillette Fusion ProGlide
  • Pampers Swaddler Diapers Jumbo
  • Colgate Toothpaste

While I only had a coupon for Pampers, I was okay with that. In return I was rewarded with $26 in ECBs to apply to my next purchase! I admit I was a little sticker shocked at how much I was being charged for Pampers, but in calculation after the sale price minus my coupon and then taking into account my newly acquired ECBs, it came out to a cool $0.22 each per diaper which is approximately what I get from’s Subscribe and Save rate. This was a feat I didn’t believe was possible outside of Amazon.

I came home with my shopping haul and quickly registered my CVS Extra Care card, signing up for their email list as well as their beauty club. Just by doing that simple step, I yielded a $4 off $20 purchase coupon and a 10% Off Beauty Club coupon as well! SCORE!

The real test will come in the next shopping trip. I am signed up to receive 2 sets of Sunday newspapers and collecting my pennysavers. Let the savings begin!


  • Get your store rewards cards
  • Sign up for their emails
  • CVS: Head straight to the coupon machine and scan your rewards card repeatedly until it tells you there are no more coupons.
  • CVS: Download their mobile app and save your card
  • CVS: You must buy in a little on your first trip, but you’ll be riding that initial investment as long as you can!
  • Buy at least 2 Sunday Newspapers and start clipping!