An Enduring Love…

bottlesWith all the hoopla surrounding BPA and other leaching chemicals and its prevalance everywhere it seems in our lives from baby bottles, water bottles to canned goods. It’s been hard to find safe alternatives.  I recently stumbled upon a company called Love Bottle.  What immediately attracted me was the name, but what drew me in was the elegance of the concept.  One of my favorite ideals is “finding beauty in the old”.  Made from recycled glass, these bottles are reusable, customizable and did I say CHIC!  They believe if you feel good when you look at your bottle, you will feel great when you drink out of your bottle.  Water tastes best out of glass, it won’t leach any harmful chemicals into it either ~ let me tell you… it’s delish!
sizeIt comes in over 14 designs and two sizes, 500ml (approx. size of a beer bottle) or 1000ml (approx. size of a wine bottle).  Additional accessories include bottle carriers and coolers for taking it on-the-go, cleaning brushes, funnels, additional old-fashioned ceramic lids of varying designs, as well as stickers and bands for further personalization.   My personal favorite has to be the “dream big and never let go” etched designed 1000ml.   Priced between $15 – $19, they are incredibly reasonably priced for something so elegant and practical.

Spreading their love even further, this company believes that every human being deserves the right to clean water and has joined up with Global Water to help make this belief a reality.  Did you know that currently over one billion human beings do not have easy access to clean water?  To help improve and protect our water, they have also donated a portion of their proceeds to Clean Water Action.

The designer in me LOVED this, you can be the next designer of the Love Bottle.  Details can be found here for design submissions.

Ahhhh… they have appealed to me in every way possible… If you catch me dancing through Central Park with my Love Bottle swung over my shoulder in its chic black carrier say HI!

{ disclosure : samples personally requested & received }