An actual fond childhood memory…

So there I was all set to check out at Whole Foods. Already beating myself up for all the extras I just threw into my cart (ie., a small tiramisu, package of Tate’s Bakeshop Chocolate Chip Cookies, guacamole, cranberry scones and garlic naan!)… I went solely for the purpose of buying juice for Ava and somehow I walked out spending almost $75… argh! While flirting with the little toddler Ava’s age, sitting in the cart in front of me, when I happened to peek at items on the conveyor belt… I’m always a sucker for cute interesting packaging and the Smooze Fruit Ice box caught my eye.

Now Ava recently has been obsessed with frozen desserts. It began when her grandmother began sharing her Drumsticks, the ice cream cone sundae frozen treat. It was a nightly ritual much to my dismay. Now I love seeing my daughter so happy, but you know that nagging Mommy feeling I can’t ignore?! I knew her dietary consumption was way off kilter… A few weeks ago I started making my own fruit ice pops with molds purchased from Target. I was thrilled to discover that its just the frozen part in general that my daughter likes. It doesn’t HAVE to be ice cream. She’ll happily eat Italian ices (Ralph’s of course in sophisticated flavors like black raspberry and passion fruit), pre-packaged frozen fruit juice sticks, etc.,

After discovering some frozen strawberries in my fridge due to a malfunction, I ventured into my first homemade pop experiment of strawberries, orange juice, a little lemon and a smidge of sugar… it was a smashing hit! Being ever the modern mom, I found a happy medium to making my own when I can and purchasing somewhat healthy versions in my grocer’s freezer aisle. That’s where Smooze comes in! Maybe its the Asian in me… but the flavors are mouth-watering… passion fruit, mango, pineapple & pink guava all blended with coconut milk. It’s perfect for the kids with dietary constraints. It is dairy free, gluten free, GM free as well as 0% cholesterol, 0% trans fats and Vegan.

Okay so all that matters little to the kids, but the packaging takes me back to the old days in elementary school where we’d occasionally get a triangle frozen treat. My guess is that it was made of high fructose corn syrup and other sweet goodies… but not Smooze! I read some reviews that kids might not like the flavors as its subtle and not too sweet but I think differently. It may be that my Ava is still drinking juice highly diluted with water, but she has been exposed to the sweetness of ice cream and Italian ices… and yet she devoured her smooze and asked for more… I was happy to see her open to different and unique flavor combinations such as the mango & coconut smooze she ate.

So in addition to the Smooze Fruit Ice, which is sure to be a staple in our freezer, I also whipped up a peach, mango, OJ fruit ice to jazz things up a little… God, I love my mini food processor!

{ disclosure : self purchased }