All that Glitters #DisneyPaintMom


This is confession time.  As some of you already knew, I was the only one who knew the sex of our baby.  It wasn’t by choice.  I really had wanted to keep it a surprise, but a lab tech let it slip and well, in light of everything at the time, I was just happy the baby was healthy.  I did have quite a bit of fun with things and was really patting myself on the back for keeping that secret from my husband the entire pregnancy.  I really am a terrible secret keeper normally.  That said, I was torn inside knowing that I was having another boy being that my daughter was so vocal about wanting a baby sister.  I understood her reasoning and point of view.  I empathized with her and even sympathized with her.  Her cousin and her younger brother recently had begun a new boys only club which completely excluded her and broke my heart watching her try to break into the club acting like a hyper tomboy or hiding in her room in tears because no one wanted to play with her.

photo 2When this opportunity came to be a part of the Disney Paint Mom’s program.  I jumped at the chance to do something really special for our princess.  We had been promising her a proper study area within her room and this was the perfect opportunity.  With  our fairy godmothers, aka MomTrends and the powers that be at Glidden, we chose the All that Glitters Disney Princesses theme and set out to create a truly magical room for our little princess who loves glitter and sparkles.

photo 1When we told Little Miss A of our plans, she was giddy with glee and ever so eager to help.  I, for one, was definitely grateful as I was on bed rest and sadly only art directing from my room.

photo 3As you can see, everyone really got into it, even her little brother.  Before everyone gets a little crazy over the fact my 3 year old was able to paint, it was completely safe.  Disney Glidden Paints are not low, but no VOC paints.  It is virtually odor free during application, fast drying and cleans up with sponge and soap when wet. The specialty finish and the nature of its application lend to no need for orderly up and down painting.  The more you went crazy with your strokes, the more natural the glitter finish appeared!  Really making it easy… even for a 3 year old to help out… you know, because this mom was on bed rest.  Look at my girl proudly applying the glitter finish to her wall!  We can’t wait for the big REVEAL!

{ disclaimer: Compensation and products for review were provided by Glidden via MomTrends.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Glidden. }