Ahhh Choo!

As our family starts its fight against the cold and flu season… it’s nice to remember you can do you part to stop the spread.

First things first…

The Top 10 Germiest Places in Your House where those nefarious bugs can live for days and days:

  1. Refrigerator handles (remember the raw chicken and veggies juggle)
  2. Bathroom faucets
  3. Doorknobs
  4. Remote controls (yes the one your child puts in his/her mouth)
  5. Light switches (on/off, on/off)
  6. Telephones and Cellphones
  7. Dishwasher handles
  8. Salt and pepper shakers
  9. Toys
  10. Your hands! (Greenbaby recommends CleanWell Foaming Hand Wash and for on the go — CleanWell Hand Sanitizer (germs are everywhere!).)