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Nobody obsesses over cleaning like I do in my household.  Especially ever since I had kids, the obsession has grown.  Having taken Micro-biology as part of my nursing school pre-requisites has only made it worst.  One lecture on mold had me running to home depot and buying new filters for our HVAC system and marking on my calendar with alarms to regularly change it.  Understanding cleanliness from a scientific and clinical level has opened up a whole new understanding of cleanliness.  There are levels of cleanliness that I had only begun to scratch at the surface.  In someways it made me understand why chemicals have become such mainstream and popular choices for homes despite their high toxicity — the fear of germs lives in all of us.

I have tried every natural and green cleaning product out there.  If there are new ones, you can bet I am going to try them as well.  I have to admit for certain things, the green products just doesn’t cut it quite like the toxic versions and it becomes a game of which of the lesser of two evils do you want to embrace.  What level of germs or cleanliness can you get comfortable with?  There is a reason why there are so many types of cleaners for everything under the sun — cleaners for your oven, cleaners for your shower, cleaners for you toilet bowl, cleaners for your carpet.  Not everything needs the same level or can be cleaned by the same type of cleaner as something else.  There are times you need something stronger, there are times you need clean, but still want less chemicals.  I’ve got my favorites such as Shaklee’s dishwashing liquid, Ecostore’s Lemon Cream Cleanser for cleaning my bathtub, Method’s Lil Bowl Blu for toilets and Shark’s Steam Pocket Mop.  I love that I have found safe and eco-friendly alternatives for almost every cleaning task in my house and now my new favorite all purpose cleaner is ActiveIon HOM.

I recently came across ActiveIon and I have to say I am in love… addicted… and in love.  It is about as GREEN as you can get, appealing the gadget loving side of me, it uses electrically charged tap water only!  It has been used for years in places like hospitals, schools, airports, stadiums, hotels and other institutions where people work, live and play.  ActiveIon has now made that very same technology available for home use with their ActiveIon HOM.  I cannot stop spraying it… on everything and anything!  To understand how it works, I’ll let the video starring Bill Nye aka the Science Guy explain it but basically using plain tap water and infusing it with both positive and negative ions, it breaks down dirt and germs, obliterating it!  I have had so much fun testing it.  After initially charging it for a few hours I was off spraying its fine mist everywhere!  What surfaces have I tried?

  • dried pee stains on my toilet seat rim… it disappears instantly!
  • apples, asian pears right before eating
  • my daughter’s bath toys
  • my daughter’s toys
  • all of my daughter’s potty seats
  • my daughter’s utensils when she tosses them on the floor
  • the nursery changing table
  • nail clippers
  • my breastpump accessories right before use, even after sterilizing because it’s been sitting in the tray for a while
  • watching the soap scum on my bathroom glass tiles melt
  • my dining room table
  • my beautiful wooden kitchen cabinets sprayed with cooking grease
  • toothbrush before brushing
  • shared toothbrushing cup
  • door handles
  • baby wipes warming case
  • my favorite, and husband’s pet peeve the dirt on top of a soda can

There are probably a million other places you can think of using it.  For those with kids, especially infants, it is a dream cleaner.  No chemicals or even natural based cleaners at all – just tap water!  It even is effective on the H1N1 virus.  Now you still might need additional cleaners for those really tough stains, but it does cover most things.  It’s fun watching dirt dissolve literally right before your eyes.  It costs $169 for the ActiveIon HOM but replaces of 50 different types of cleaners in your home.  Just doing the calculations, over a life expectancy of 3-5 years, it’s well worth the money/investment in comparison to what you spend yearly on cleaners.  It also comes in two other versions EXP ($329) and PRO ($299) for more professional grade cleaning.

Check out Bill Nye aka The Science Guy as he explains ActiveIon

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