A Whole New Way to Fight off the Mosquitos with PARA’KITO @parakitoUSA

thumbnail_IMG_1905Summer is in full swing and that means lots of summer concerts, camping, hiking and of course, tons of outdoor play.  Being outdoors is a given in this warm weather.  My family enjoys being outside until long after the sun has gone down.  Together we run through sprinklers, go on long bike rides and catch fireflies at sunset.  We have endless thoughts of perfectly quaint family outings and barbeques and out adventures are always seemingly picture perfect.  Summer fun seems like it comes without flaws or without nuisances.  What our happy pictures don’t show are the little things that can put a damper on a perfect summer day.   The one constant annoyance I have found in warm/hot weather has always been the mosquitos.  They are everywhere!  On hikes, at our concerts, barbeques and even proving bothersome during our sprinkler fun.  I have tried citronella candles to no avail and short of constantly spraying my family down with a malodorous bug spray, I have always been at a loss for solutions.

In the beginning of the summer I was approached by a newer company called PARA’KITO that stated they had a products made with natural essential oils that worked well as a mosquito repellent and would fit effortlessly into my life.  Always a skeptic, I accepted the offer to test out their products and was able to test out a few PARA’KITO products for myself.

I brought our PARA’KITO refillable band and clip to our first concert of the summer (where in years past we have all been subject to multiple mosquito bites) and here is what I have to share:



  • PARA’KITO is a mosquito repellent line that specializes in using natural-based active ingredients in all of its products to ensure harmless protection to all consumers.  As a parent of young children, I find this to be a huge plus as it can be hard to find bug spray or insect repellents that I am comfortable using on my kids.
  • PARA’KITO prides itself on being an innovative line that combines a unique blend of essential oils, patented slow-release system ad has now become a global leader in natural mosquito protection.
  • PARA’KITO is DEET-free
  • PARA’KITO operates by releasing a blend of essential oils that interfere with a mosquito’s sense of smell, thereby reducing their capacity to identify their prey.  Mosquitos’ orientation relies on a combonation of olfaction, heat detection, and vision which means that spatial protection products can offer relative but not absolute protection.

The active ingredients in PARA’KITO products are as follows:

  • 34% Citronella oil
  • 22% Rosemary oil
  • 21% Geranium oil
  • 10% Mint oil
  • 2.5% Clove oil
  • 1.5% Peppermint oil
  • 1% Cinnamon oil

I was provided with a PARA’KITO band and clip which are both refillable.  Upon opening the packages, I immediately noticed that I wasn’t overcome by a typical “bug spray” scent and while the refills did have an odor, it was definitely not overbearing like most insect repellents I have use in the past.  Both the band and the clip were easy to assemble and the band itself was adjustable, depending on who was wearing it.

thumbnail_IMG_1903The refillable band and clips are made of a durable, neoprene material which made them easy to wear and use whether we were dancing at a concert or swimming in a pool.  The flexible band was able to go from wet to dry without losing most of it’s repellent effects.

While I shared my refillable band with the kids for review purposes, I was pleased to read that PARA’KITO makes refillable bands specifically for kids that come with a special ID label for name and contact information.  I can really appreciate a company that values my children’s safety as much as I do.

I used my clip on my stroller during our outing and while I found that my child in the stroller benefitted more from wearing a bracelet than he did with the clip, as the person who was pushing the stroller, I did notice that I was protected from the dreaded mosquito bites more than I had been without it.  I attribute that to the position of the refillable clip (as it was located on the side of the handle of my stroller).

This kids loved wearing their bracelets and claimed that they enjoyed the faint smell that it gave off.  (Yes, these are the same children who would scream when we’d say it was time to apply bug repellent in past years).  As a parent, I was grateful that I had one less thing to battle the kids with before going out for the day.

PARA’KITO products are stylish, convenient, and eco-friendly.  Theythumbnail_IMG_2095 are safe for everyone and efficient in providing a solid, reliable option to prevent those pesky mosquito bites.  One thing I did notice was that our bands were even more efficient if you wore them for a bit indoors before going outside.

For the amount of natural protection against mosquitos that they provide,  PARA’KITO products are reasonably priced at around $19.50.  They even sell Unidose Gel (MSRP $1.00) that provide up to five hours of extra protection. Overall, I applaud PARA’KITO for making a quality, easy to use product that is safe for my kids and can provide up to 15 days of protection from mosquitos.  If you are seeking an all-natural way to combat those pesky bugs this summer, I suggest that you check out all of the PARA’KITO products that are available in stores throughout the US.

Want to try out PARA’KITO products for yourself??  One lucky MomConfessionals winner will win a refillable PARA’KITO wristband!  Enter the contest by clicking the link below:

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{ disclosure: While product samples were received for review, no monetary compensation was provided for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own. }