A Very Special Delivery – Pampers Thank You Nurses Awards

2017 is starting off with a bang as I am super excited announce that I will be joining the Pampers Baby Board. I am so honored to be working with this amazing brand and be a part of this group of amazing brand ambassadors. Just like me, they are passionate about babies! One of my favorite Pampers initiatives is their Thank You Nurses campaign.

So much love in this photo. The nurse who taught me everything I know in L&D, who also delivered my Lucas, pregnant with her own #3.

There are many types of nurses, but Labor & Delivery nurses, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses and Postpartum nurses are a special bunch. These nurses hold your hand during labor, talking you through the pain of labor, coaching you as you push your baby into the world. They are there if your baby needs a little more support, whether its respiratory or breastfeeding, and are there for you when you’re recovering from the worst pain of your life, cleaning your wounds and even changing your child’s first diaper. They are also there for the tougher times too.

When I lost my daughter Emma to Trisomy 18, it was one of the most difficult times of my life. The nurses that were with me, I will never forget. You would think in my immense grief that I wouldn’t be aware of others around me, but I was. I grieved for a long time, a deep, deep grief. I remember the nurses who shielded me from a reception area filled with expectant mothers, expecting parents reading parenting magazines, filling out their hospital admission forms, and debating their child’s name. I remember the nurse who sat with me as I sobbed uncontrollably, her gentle hand on my knee and a tissue in the other hand.

The nurse that helped deliver Ava.

I remember the nurses who were beside me when I was pregnant with my daughter Ava. They rejoiced in the small miracles that I wanted to enjoy but couldn’t. They smiled for me, when I couldn’t. When Ava was born, and I finally smiled, the nurses genuinely share in my relief and joy. I forged a very special connection with all of them, especially my labor nurse. She held my hand and talked me through the entire labor process. Even when it turned into a C-section, she was there. These nurses were very special people. The nurses at my doctor’s office all cooed at Ava and just loved on her when I brought her in for my postpartum visit and each visit from there on. They marveled at her growth at each visit and that left a lasting impression on me.

Nurse Chan at your Cervix!

Because of these nurses, I am proud to be where I am today. Now one of the greatest joys of my job is helping families bring their new baby into the world as a labor and delivery nurse. I was inspired by my own nurses whose love, compassion and grace in any situation helped me through one of the toughest deliveries of my life. Even on the busiest and craziest days, I remember those nurses and I am grateful and honored for the role I get to play in every family’s birth. Now on the other side, as a labor and delivery nurse, I know now how big a role I play. Not only do I start IVs, administer medication, monitor babies heart rates and contraction patterns, I am a patient’s biggest advocate, their friend, their coach and their biggest cheerleader. I hold my patient’s hair when she’s sick, clean up all sorts of unmentionable body fluids. I see my patients when they are most vulnerable, butt naked, weakened by the pain. It’s a challenging job, often an emotional roller coaster, but each delivery never ceases to be less than a miracle to me.

Those nurses, as well as many others with their endless support deserve to be honored. Pampers Swaddlers, in collaboration with the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) and the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), want to recognize and show their appreciation for these exceptional nurses. Pampers has launched the second annual Pampers Swaddlers Thank You Nurses Awards to honor Labor & Delivery nurses, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurses and Postpartum nurses around the country. Now through January 27, 2017, you can visit: https://pampersthankyounurses.dja.com/pages/registration.php and nominate and share the story of an extraordinary nurse who provides babies and their families with special touches of love.

{ disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pampers. All words and thoughts are always my very own. }