A Tribute to My Husband on Father’s Day

There are so many days that I get caught up in the daily routine of life.  These days I can barely come up for air let alone have the time to express to my husband just how much I love him and miss him.  Yes, miss him.  Although we live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, every minute of our days consist of just making it to the next one because we’re so busy.  It’s funny that I can’t find the time to convey my thoughts, but its in the busiest of days that I start to notice things like how wonderful and amazing my husband is.  I’m reminded of why I fell in love with him in the first place and why I love him more now that I ever did.

My husband is my rock.  He loves me even when I’m not so lovable.  He loves me even if I snap because I’m under so much stress.  He even loves me when I’m acting like a diva demanding things left and right from him, as if he doesn’t give me enough already.  He has the biggest heart and…. ahem… I am selfish.  While I am trying hard to learn to be more like him and deserving of him, it doesn’t come quite as naturally to me.  He puts me, the kids and anyone else before himself.  Our happiness comes first and I want to hit myself for every time I gave him a hard time about wanting to play golf or doing something for himself.

He is the most amazing father.  Although I spent quite a lot of breathes griping about why he never picked up a book to read on childcare, I now realize it’s because it comes so naturally to him.  My favorite moments are little ones like watching the excitement on my daughter’s face when he comes through the door, dropping everything to give his little girl a gigantic hug and kiss.

While I’m the neurotic one setting rules and boundaries about things like how many hours of TV she can watch and what she should be learning at this stage and that, he’s the one who’s actually taking the time to make sure that happens.  Even after the longest of days at work, he will patiently sit with her and practice her writing.  He will sit there and listen to her nonsense stories and laugh with her.

My husband takes care of us all.  Sometimes I imagine that if he were on a TV show, the background song would be gently playing Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  I really don’t think he knows anything else but to do just do that for us.  It’s second nature.  Every time I turn around he’s doing something for us.  Sometimes it’s something simple like making sure to mow the lawn, chasing bees off our property so the kids can play outside, fixing all sorts of knick-knacks in the house.  No matter how stressed out I get about things, he always finds a way to take care of things, whether its holding my hands through a difficult medical situation or finding a solution for what seems to me as an impossible task.  He is our very own knight in shining armor.  When I start stressing out about things, even though his stress and burdens are so much more than my own, he makes relieving my stress his priority.  Sometimes relieving my stress adds more stress onto him and he does everything in his power to make sure I never know that.

He’s my biggest fan.  When I decided to switch careers in a difficult economic environment, he was nothing but supportive.  Even though we were missing an entire income, he never let the stress of it show.  Instead he was there helping me study, cheering me on and encouraging me to forge forward whenever I doubted myself or thought I couldn’t do it anymore.  He believed in me even when I didn’t.  You know who he reminds me of?  The Giving Tree.  My husband is the tree.  I’m not entirely sure I’m deserving of such a great love, but I’m incredibly grateful for it.  I’m his biggest fan.  So to my husband,  Happy Father’s Day!  We love you more than anything else in the whole wide world!