A small step in the right direction…

Ever since we began greenbaby, it was our goal to share and give safer alternatives to parents and it all began with the BPA bottle controversy. I was please this morning to read that 6 major companies have voluntarily removed bottles they manufactured which contains BPA (San Francisco Chronicle).

These companies are:
Playtex Products Inc.
Gerber, Evenflo Co.
Avent America Inc.
Dr. Brown
Disney First Years

I was still disappointed that some of the companies reasoning were lacking and leaving much to be desired – one company’s decision to remove these bottles only from their US market because of “current confusion” over BPA. Understanding from a former PR perspective that they don’t want to admit any wrong doing but… I would rather hear that they are taking their customers concerns to heart and agree that every parent has a right to be cautious when studies have shown harming human development at ANY level. Obviously conforming to FDA standards shouldn’t be the GOLD standard in which the industry follows with logic that argues bisphenol A levels in humans were too low to cause damage. If they want to be the standard, they need to re-evaluate exactly what those standards are – to protect the manufacturer or the consumer.

Moms and dads, there are options out there now. There are many beautiful glass bottle options, and plastic bottles out there now on the market that are safe and BPA free. Some of our favorites include: Adiri, Wee*Go, ThinkBaby and Green to Grow which is compatible with the Medela Breastpump.

BUT… the BPA debate isn’t over yet… it’s all around us, from our water bottles, to the lining of baby formula and canned goods… the fight isn’t over yet but at least its a step in the right direction…