A Night to Remember: RBaby Foundation 5-Star Food & Wine Gala #RBabyMom

Pinch me now! Sometimes I cannot believe the things that land in my lap. For instance, when I was invited to be a #RBabyMom Ambassador I was beyond thrilled! This year has been all about using my influence in social media for the social good. I couldn’t have found a greater partnership than with the RBaby Foundation. I’ve told this story many times, but you might find it hard to believe despite being an RN, when my child is in the ER, all those years of schooling and experience goes right out the door and I am just like any other mom — terrified for their child.  I couldn’t believe that in this day in age, living in America, we had to worry about something as important as basic pediatric ER standards.  I had no idea all Pediatric ERs were not equal.  In that moment, when you’re in the ER, the last thing you want to think about is whether or not they are properly trained or equipped to care for your child.  It was a no brainer, improving Pediatric ER care was something definitely that had to be done and RBaby Foundation needed to be heard.

I tweeted, I posted, I told, I begged everyone I knew to sign the petition.  If you’re a mom, a dad, an aunt or uncle, a grandmother or grandfather, a god-mother, a friend, your life will at some point connect with a pediatric ER.  It  could be for something minor and easily cared for, or something a lot more critical.  I never wish that on anyone, but wouldn’t you want to know that the hospital you wind up at is equipped to properly care for your loved one?

To Thank Us for our efforts (I know totally crazy huh?!), they invited us to be their guest at their 5-year Anniversary celebration the RBaby Foundation 5-Star Food & Wine Gala at the majestic Plaza Hotel in NYC.  Not only were we going to sip fine wines and cocktails while exploring 5-star cuisines from world-renowned chefs, we were getting VIP “Pink” carpet treatment!  Totally insane!  Just for doing what I love!  I was so honored to be an ambassador with some really truly amazing moms and social media influencers.  It was amazing just to see the power of social media doing social good.  That was reward enough, and here they were… spoiling us!  PINCH ME NOW!

Here am I COMPLETELY transformed into a princess! My hair was magically sculpted by Agnes from Federico Hair Salon, channeling Kate Beckinsale. I swear she was using some power tools back there.  She made me laugh as she kept saying, “God Bless your Asian fine, super straight hair! Oh my!”  Here is where you’ll definitely believe I’m a social media junkie.  How did I decide on Kate Beckinsale as my fashion icon for the night? Why Pinterest of course! If you know me, you know I barely wear any make up if any at all.  Mostly because I just don’t have the coordination to get it together.  I am the girl who every skin care expert to dermatologist gasps in horror to learn my method of face care includes the bar soap in my shower.  Ms. Kate Harvie along with some magical make up from Alison Rafaelle transformed me from bleh to glam!  I swear I looked better than I did on my wedding day!  Complete with jewelry curated from Melinda Maria I felt like royalty.  I couldn’t hide my blushing that night.

Enough about me… We ate, we drank, we listened.  It was so humbling to be there to hear the stories, and know while we made great strides, there was still much to be done.   We got to honor the amazing Julia Beck, the founder of Forty Weeks, and a leader in empowering expectant and new mothers.  She was awarded with the RBaby Champion Award and it was well-deserved.  One could only hope to be as an amazing advocate as she.

So yes the magical night is over, but there is still so much more to do!!!  What can you do?  SIGN THE PETITION NOW!  Then go and tell your mother, your brother, your neighbor and everyone you know to SIGN THE PETITION.

What am I going to do?  I am going to continue to spread the word of course!  My team at Trumpeting Media have an amazing project coming up and we are thrilled to announce that RBaby will be our charity of choice to support in more ways than one.  There’s work to be done people!