A Healthy Start to the School Year with #OTCSafety

IMG_3803 With the start of the new school year also comes a season of mixed emotions for my family.  We’re all excited to start the new school year, but heading back to school often means a plethora of germs being spread around, and while being sick is no fun for anyone, its not uncommon to be battling colds and infections in the first few weeks back to school.

IMG_3804I’m especially nervous with the Little Mister’s first time in a school setting.  If history tells me anything, I can expect a few colds and infections while he acclimates to his new environment.  I like to stock up on basics like tissues and hand sanitizers.  As a nurse, my kids are well versed in singing their ABC’s nice, slowly and enunciated while washing their hands.  If yours aren’t as religious as mine about hand washing, now is a great time to start that routine.   No more of that, I didn’t touch anything at all so I don’t have to wash my hands.

As I mentioned in my many posts on heading back to school, its a great time for a fresh start.  This is a great opportunity to check the labels in your medicine cabinet and safely purge any expired medications as well as making sure they are stored up and away.  I also like to stock up on things I know I will need for the upcoming cold/flu/allergy season.  With the Little Mister taking oral Zrytec daily, I like to get a fresh stock of medicine syringes.  Never use a kitchen spoon for measuring medications.  Spoons come in all different shapes and sizes.  With children’s much smaller stature, the right dose is very important to make sure you’re not over or even under medicating your child.  It’s also very important to always keep your medicine cabinet stocked with medicines specifically for your child so that if a fever or cough hits in the middle of the night, you will be ready and will NEVER be tempted to give an adult medicine to your child.  I’ll also be taking the opportunity to check up and update the Little Mister’s Med Kit as well as create one for his school nurse to keep on hand just for him.

For more steps to ensure medicine safety for your family, check out the OTC Safety site.