A few constants

IMG_0477There are a few constants that you know just always will be.  Things like how much you’ll always love your children or  how you’ll always forget one thing during your vacation packing and $20 will always be $20.  One thing that I can count on with Ava and my nephew is that their love for bubbles will never wane.  They jump for joy for bubbles at school, at birthday parties and go nuts when we’re outdoors for them.   I have found myself wandering Target, Toys R Us and drugstore’s on more than several occasions this year looking for bubble solution, or even worse, more bubble paraphernalia to play with.   What I was shocked by was the prices for bubble solution, something I assumed was nothing more than a concoction of dish soap watered down, was sometimes as high as $10 a bottle, a somewhat large bottle, but not worth $10!

As you can imagine the grand bubble exhibits at the children’s museum is a huge, huge hit and often we have to strategically maneuver ourselves around the exhibit leaving it for last otherwise it’d be the only exhibit we visit.  Most recently, after taking Ava to a class there, the museum guide in the bubble exhibit gave me their “secret” recipe for perfect bubble solution.   So save those gallon milk jugs and add:

  • 1 gallon of water
  • 2/3 cup Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid
  • 3/4 tablespoons of glycerin (available at your pharmacy counter in liquid form)

Mix the dishwashing liquid into the water, add the glycerin, mix and play!

ECO|NOTE: Now the greener side of me urges a substitution of Dawn or Joy for something like Method or Seventh Generation’s Free & Clear.  You’ll have to add  a little more than 2/3 cups of dishwashing liquid, but add slowly until you get the right consistency.