A Chick’s Guide to Life Get’s Hatched

{ written by: Jessica Shyba of MommasGoneCity.com }

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Teri Hatcher’s new website for women, GetHatched.com, A chick’s guide to life, in New York City.  A few other local bloggers also attended the event, and we all we able to meet, chat, and get a photo with Teri.  She was absolutely lovely in person, all around! Personable and easy to talk to, and I got the sense that she really does have her heart in this website and is genuinely passionate about motherhood and interested in other mother’s lives.  Because really? We all do it.  We may do it differently and uniquely, but as mothers we all have common struggles and situations and it’s really important to have a place to share them (wherever that may be).  I found it especially neat that she not only was more than happy and excited to meet the “mommy bloggers” that were there, but she also gave us a shout out during her speech.

Teri started the website as a place for women to go to get advice, laugh, and be inspired by other mother’s stories and lives.  “Whether they’re craving advice, a good laugh, a new idea, or a place to share without judgment, GetHatched.com can be that anchor in their daily life where they can feel connected by the fact that we’re all just trying to get by”, You can find anything from relationship, health and style advise and tips to celebrity chats and home décor ideas.  The site launched on May 11th as a division of Disney, and is really clean, pretty, and easy to navigate.  There are some really cute and funny videos of Teri discussing certain topics.  One of them “Sex vs. Sleep” was shown at the launch party and featuring none other than our own Amy from Selfish Mom.  It’s absolutely hilarious- the entire room was laughing.

It was a rather surreal experience for me, starting with walking past the paparazzi on my way into the beautiful restaurant and then witnessing the press photo session.  It was so much fun to be with my friends and fellow bloggers at such an exciting-and poignant-event.

I absolutely love that I am able to be a part of the launch of Get Hatched, which is shaping up to be another avenue for mom’s to connect and talk about their daily lives, and with a celebrity, no less!