5 Apps for Tech-loving Foodies

There are a zillion apps that cater to foodies, but what gets to stay on the homescreen on your mobile phone is the true test. Here are 5 of my favorite food reference apps of all time:

  • One of the coolest apps I’ve come across is Wineglass [$4.99 on iOS].  I admit I’m not a big wine drinker, but my husband and his friends are.  Wanting not to look stupid at a restaurant simply always ordering the house wine, Wineglass makes wine pairing as easy as scanning the wine list with your phone and populates with ratings and reviews as well as what pairs well with each wine selection. For me it’s not only about making the right wine selection, but also making the right selection for my budget as well.
  • Maybe I just have a scanning addiction but I love Fooducate [FREE on iOS and Android]. I’m big on choosing healthiest food options that go into my stomach and Fooducate breaks it down so easily. It gives each item a grade, it’s nutritional information, calories as well as alternative options if you’re leaning more to the nay side.
  • This one is a no brainer but we love us some Yelp [free on iOS and Android]! It’s not a certain subset of people (hippies, foodies, etc.,) that contribute to this site, but everyone and their mother at some point has written a review for Yelp and collectively that makes it a pretty good app for reviews. Reading reviews on Yelp hasn’t let me wrong yet!
  • 787 - CopyOne of my favorite apps is definitely MyFitnessPal [free on iOS and Android].  First of all it tracks all your meals in a neat little calendar diary.  It also can scan any foods with a barcode and more often than not, is verified and completely accurate as far as calories and nutrition content goes.  I also love that it syncs with my Garmin Vivofit2 as well as Strava and many other fitness apps.
  • Snag a seat at some of the hottest restaurants with OpenTable [FREE on iOS and Android] and get rewarded for it too!  I love how easy it is too get a reservation even at the last minute.

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