Travel Ease with Stokke’s PramPack

As our family grew traveling definitely became more cumbersome.  A lot of thought had to be taken in choosing the destination and even mode of travel.  For a while it seemed that road trips would be the standard for this family.  It was cost conscience and alleviated many of the headaches we anticipated if we traveled by air.  We embraced the flexibility of choosing our own time frame and our own pace.  But the limit on the destinations, what I really mean is possibilities, quickly grew old.  Not to mention our own pace only seemed to be one speed, as fast as possible.  Our destinations seemed to get further and further and all those hours on the road, really started to wear me out before we even hit the concrete paved highways.

This past summer, we finally braved it.  We bought plane tickets for the family for our jaunt in Florida.  It took a lot of conversations and a lot of whining, but finally the husband and I were on the same page.  We’d trade 24 hours on the road for a few hours in the airport any day.  We were excited, giddy even…

But as the trips plans finalized all sorts of bumps started appearing.  We needed to rent a car… easy enough!  What about car safety?  A call to the agency revealed no car seat accommodations.  I reckoned we could use a backless booster for Ava, just for the trip but what about the baby?  The backless booster was small enough.  If I was careful in packing our luggage, I could manage to squeeze the booster somewhere but a full car seat was another story.

Having attended MomTrends Family Travel event earlier in the summer, we had been gifted the Stokke PramPack.  I was excited to use it for our trip after previous air travel had damaged every single one of our strollers in transit (another reason why road trips were our go-to method of travel for a while).  I thought it was a wonderful invention.  With all intentions to use it for our stroller, I didn’t anticipate that it was going to be used for an entirely different role and even one different than the manufacturer would have intended, but it worked!  I packed a full size car seat and booster, along with our umbrella stroller inside the Stokke PramPack.

At the airport, having the Stokke PramPack on wheels was so helpful as I juggled two kids and luggage.  We did remove the umbrella stroller from its content in haste before checking it in because chasing two kids around one of the busiest airports wasn’t an option.  So avoiding that dreaded gate checking of the stroller was possible after all but our car seats arrived to the destination safe and sound and I should note, DRY!

While it is priced steeply at $199.99, it has some major merits.  It is an approved free (no-charge) carry-all for strollers (and now car seats).  If you happen to own a Stokke Xplory, it fully guarantees the safety of the pram inside with a full replacement. It’s a one size fits all airline approved PramPack.  Once you arrive, simply roll the Stokke PramPack up for easy storage. Dimensions: 67x25x25 (Package) // 90x63x50 (Assembled) – Weight: 4.780 (gross)

I’ve actually sent notice to all my friends that I have the Stokke PramPack for loan for their travel needs and in that sense, it’s well worth it.  I almost want to put a sticker inside where everyone can label where the PramPack has traveled (and I have not).  So far it’s made 2 trips to Florida and 1 trip to the Dominican Republic.  Well Traveled already!