Ridemakerz Zooms in with Cars 2!

On our most recent road trip to Myrtle Beach,  we happen to stumble upon a Ridemakerz store and checked it out briefly.  I wistfully mentioned how awesome it would be if there was one in NYC that we could have M’s birthday party at or even just as a special treat… when he’s a little older of course.

While that isn’t a reality yet, we were beyond excited to discover, and mate the excitement of, the upcoming Cars 2 Movie release with Ridemakerz in their newest line available exclusively at Toys R UsRidemakerz has teamed up with Toys “R” Us once again in their Snap ‘N’ Go line for Cars 2 designed for kids ages four and up.  Kids can now customize the daring Lightning McQueen, best friend Mater, master spy Finn McMissile and Formula Racer Francesco Bernoulli, with such custom options as tires and wheels, blown engines and hood scoops, side pipes, spoilers and much more.

The kids and I were treated to a special launch event where we each got to trick out our own favorite Cars 2 characters. Upon arrival each child got a VIP ID card, making them a part of the Cars 2 Pit crew.  They got to choose their body, already fitted with a free-ride chassiz, customize their tirez, rimz and enginez as well as tricking them out with spy gear, spoilers and other body shop details too much for this simple mom to remember.  After they picked out their materials, off they went to the pit where a dedicated Pit Master helped them get down and dirty, assembling their cars.  This was serious work!  I think this experience may go down in the books as their best ever.  Crown me, best mom ever!

To create your very own Cars 2 experience, head on over to your local Toys R Us.  Each customizable kit comes with a Cars 2 character body and a range of accessories and ranges from $19.99 for a starter kit to $39.99 for a deluxe kit.  Additional partz are available for purchase separately.

The tech-y in me couldn’t help it, I needed the low-down on taking Ridemakerz customization to the next level. Word on the street is that all Ridemakerz parts are interchangeable.  To trick out your car even further, head to the Ridemakerz.com website and upgrade to a cool radio-controlled chassiz.