2B Sparkling 2B Healthy!

12ozspaark{ disclosure: This is a sponsored post with 2B Drinks, however, as always my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. }  As a nurse, certain days are just really really challenging.  Let’s not even talk about the stress of today!  Many of us just stuff ourselves with anything, just to fuel ourselves during a crazy day.  Without healthy options lying around, it’s easy to just pack on the pounds.  I remember initially being upset when the cafe downstairs started serving healthier meal choices, taking away our guilty pleasures of sugar and other nonsense.  To get through a rough day, I could easily drink 2-3 cans of Coke or Pepsi.  All I loved about it was the ice cold bubbly on my tongue.  It just would revitalize me.  As spring is peeking just around the corner and all those added pounds don’t look so great in a cute little summer dress, I knew it was time to re-evaluate.

I admit to being a bit of a foodie.  By no means that means I am a food expert, but I am definitely known among my colleagues as one who truly enjoys good food.  So while eating healthy is definitely a priority, I also prioritize taste.  If it doesn’t taste good, I will definitely not be incorporating it into my so-called diet.  That’s why I love 2B Drinksthe first to use Purefruit, a zero calorie sweetener originating from the monk fruit, a small centuries-old fruit endowed with unique, naturally occurring antioxidants.Not only is it delicious but it comes without the calories of common sweeteners. What I’m reveling over is their recent launch of 2B Sparkling, aka “Healthy Bubbles,” because I love my bubbly!  There’s nothing better than having a tough morning on the floor and sipping a nice cold bubbly like 2B Sparkling.  My favorite happens to be the Sparkling Lemonade because I love all things lemon, but they also have a delicious Sparkling Chocolate and Sparkling Vanilla.  With only 8 grams of sugar per 12 oz can and 30 calories per can, you enjoy something “slightly sweet” and bubbly without all the guilt.  I recently shared my find with the girls on the floor and they were “floored” about the sugar and calorie content.  They couldn’t believe it as it tasted too good!  We definitely wouldn’t mind if they started stocking downstairs in our cafe!

I love that it has approved by the NYC Department of Education and is currently being sold in over 2,500 school vending machines. You can get the full line of 2B Drinks and 2B Sparkling available in the Tri-State area and on Amazon.com.


Craving some 2B Sparkling for yourself?  I’m super excited to be giving away (1) Case of 2B Sparkling to (1) lucky Mom Confessionals’ reader (valued at $15)!  I just know they are going to love it!  Answer the following question in the widget below — Which flavor are you most excited to try?   ALL ENTRIES are contained WITHIN the widget.  Good Luck!