CONTEST: Living a Global Passport Life

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Asking me what my ultimate family vacation would be right smack dab in the middle of my crazy school semester is such a loaded question!  I’m in such a dire need for a vacation, anything that takes my mind off of school would do but if I really had to think about it…. wishfully…

Growing up we didn’t have much money and vacations were more of a luxury than a necessity.  It wasn’t until I had my own family did I realize just how expensive taking a family on vacation could be.  I always wished we had gone abroad even just once, if only to visit the homeland.   At the age of 32 I often find the irony in the fact that so many of my non-Asian friends have visited the homeland at least once in their lifetime.  It wasn’t until I was in the working force that I even left this country for the first time… and no… Canada does not count.  Especially since I basically only took one foot into French Canada by way of Niagara Falls as a kid.  Even traveling for work left little time for real cultural immersion and sometimes the airport souvenir shop was as close as I got.  But it seems after getting married and having two kids, playing house and going back to school, the cost of airfare for a family of 4 makes the thought of a cultural explosion a distant dream and road trips the mainstay.

One of my first and favorite books I read as a child was Around the World in 80 days by Jules Vernes.  I’d take my family of 4 to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, check out the beaches of Brazil, let the husband and I indulge in Thai massages in Bali, swim with the dolphins in Australia.  I’d show them the architecture of Spain, walk the Spanish steps, watch the changing of the guards in England, visit the Louvre, eat baguettes in Paris, have bratwursts in Germany, have authentic dim sum in Beijing, eat sushi and visit Sanrioland in Japan.  Visit Marrakesh, Prague, the Taj Mahal, climb a pyramid and since the husband insists a vacation simply isn’t one without sand, I’m sure there are beaches there too!   I’d want to put as many stamps in their passport as possible. Let them see as much of the world as possible and the the most amazing part is letting me see it through their eyes.  What’s your idea of the Ultimate Family Vacation?

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