12 Reasons the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is Cooler than your Phone

s6edgeIt’s a sexy beast! Right out of the box, its a thing of beauty with its gorgeous aluminum body which boasts to be 1.7 times stronger, 1.3 times more scratch-resistant than standard aluminum. and you know that Samsung pulled out all the stops to create a phone that truly stands out.


  1. Pro Camera Mode – Increasingly my phone is becoming my primary camera as I make a stronger effort to document more of those memorable moments with my kids. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge not only boast amazing rear 16MP camera and a solid 5MP front-facing camera  but it comes equiped with “Wide selfie mode” which makes sure no one gets left out in your pictures. Samsung knows how important the camera is and made sure access was a priority…one touch/step access to the camera, just hit the home button.  It’s only one step less than the iPhone but a crucial second that can make or break the perfect  shot! The real pro part comes in its advanced setting where you can have control over everything from white balance, manual focus and aperture adjustments. My Instagram game just got a leg up!
  2. Download booster – Utilizing both WiFi and 4G LTE for the fastest downloading around, you won’t be limited when desperately need that last minute movie download before hopping on the plane!
  3. Themes, Live Wallpaper, Quick Launchers – The one thing that has always stood about android phones is the ability to customize the phone. From different themes, ring tones and overall feel of the phone, you simply can’t do that with your iPhone. So if you’re a control freak like me, this phone is for you! Multiple themes are already loaded on your phone, but you can always download more from the store.  Want to fancy up your phone, check out the various live wall paper apps or download the quick launchers app.
  4. Peel Smart Remote – Seriously, you’ll never be able to be separated from your phone anymore.  Samsung has been including IR blasters on their phones since the S4 and it’s not going anywhere. TV, DVR. Bluray call all be controlled from your univeral remote S6 Edge.  Once you’ve discovered it, you’ll be glad it lives in your notification panel.
  5. News, Weather and Twitter feed all on your edge! Enough said, your iPhone definitely doesn’t do that!
  6. Samsung Multi Window is made for mom’s multitaskers like myself. You know, when I want to catch up on the latest episode of Scandal through the ABC app while answering emails!
  7. Sound Quality – The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a multimedia powerhouse and you can customize a sound profile that is perfect for you! Go to Settings > Sounds and Notifications > Sound Quality and Effects > Adapt Sound.  You’ll be prompted through a series of questions that will personalize your sound profile.  You can compare your original settings to the more personalized setting with just a tap. Not quite the sound Nazi, you’ll find pre-programmed settings for  SoundAlive+ for a surround effect, and TubeAmp, which simulates the soft timbre sound from a tube amplifier.
  8. Smart Manager – manage everything from battery life to storage space in this super easy to navigate Smart Manager.  With just one click empty your temporary files, see what files are consuming the most storage space. Clean up your phone in just a few clicks! Still not enough, scroll down for my tip.
  9. Phone to phone tap – Share photos and contacts with a simple tap! Making the switch, transfer from one Samsung phone to another is just a tap away! Its just cool.
  10. Kids mode – It’s inevitable, your child will want at your phone but you don’t want them free clicking around, maybe deleting an essential program or two. Such a simple and awesome concept, it turns the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into a safe device for them to play on.
  11. Wireless charging – with the Qi and the PMA standard. Why does it matter? You might not know the difference between the two, but you don’t have to when going to Starbucks or McDonalds, just place your phone down and your phone will recognize which technology to utilize and start charging right away.
  12. Easy peasy with easy mode – All this too fancy for you? Just like the cool look of the phone, just not all the bells and whistles.  I love the Easy Mode for this.  Simplicity is the word for this mode. Just the basics, all on 3 screens, there’s no room to get lost.


  • What really, consistently irks me is the lack of swappable batteries. Depending on usage, a battery can mean life or death for a phone that may still have a lot to offer still.
  • No expandable storage. TIP: But like most things, there are work arounds and I love cloud services, many of them which are free. Amazon Cloud (free with your Amazon Prime membership),   Microsoft OneDrive or DropBox can all auto save photos.

Major downside… it’s so cool my husband stole it from me. iPhone for me, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for him.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love! #VZWBuzz