10 Things I didn’t know about Breastfeeding, did you?

  1. No papparazzi please!
    A beautiful moment captured in a rare photo of my breastfeeding love.

    The whole hind milk is fattier than fore milk is FALSE!  Hind milk is simply milk at the end of a feed and fore milk is milk at thebeginning of a feed.  Fat content is more related to feeding time of day with the middle of the day at highest fat content.

  2. Iron supplements are not needed for breastfed babies.  They do have low amounts in breastmilk but is highly bioavailable, more so than supplements.
  3. A mother’s water consumption has no effect on lactation, in terms of how much or composition!  It’s about receptor sites and how many you have left!
  4. The best time to feed a newborn is when they’re sleeping!  ok, in REM sleep, when you see rapid eye movement.
  5. Fenugreek and other galactagogues DO NOT WORK!  In fact fenugreek interferes with many common medication absorption. Guided Imagery works BEST!
  6. Women who don’t breastfeed have more negative changes to their breasts then breastfed mother’s although all changes are most likely attributed to childbirth not feeding methods.
  7. No need to Pump and Dump with alcohol consumption.  It is water soluble and passes back and forth out of milk as mother’s blood alcohol level changes.
  8. While breastfeeding, babies have fewer dental caries as breast milk is shown to build enamel.
  9. Breastmilk kills cancer cells >> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100419132403.htm
  10. Breastmilk HEALS! A drop or two can be used to cure eye infections, heal skin burns.  It is commonly used in hospitals to treat everyone from organ transplants to burn victims to patients with renal failure!