10 Reasons We Love Great Wolf Lodge Pocono Mountains

When it comes to indoor waterparks, you’ve got plenty to choose from in the North East. Here are 10 reasons why we think Great Wolf Lodge is the best!

  1. They have the coolest accommodations if you select a themed room like KidCabin, KidKamp or Wolf Den Suite. Each have a themed bunk bed with their own TV.
  2. Their kids’ activity team rocks! From a DJ spinning kid-friendly latest hits and teaching the coolest dance moves to fun balloon animals, button making, and super fun shows, the kids were comparing this to going to Disney!
  3. Arcades are standard in most kid-friendly resorts, but not many can boast an onsite mini-golf, bowling alley, and an awesome rope course!
  4. The waterpark is exclusive to hotel guests only which means no crazy long lines and Great Wolf has crowd control down to a science.
  5. Wait this is a waterpark? MagiQuest was where it was at for my kids. Everyone from my 4-year-old to my 9-year-old and one very jealous 13-year-old who stayed behind due to his sports commitments, wanted in on this. The 4-year-old might have been a tad bit young to understand the full breadth of this game, but you wouldn’t be able to tell him otherwise as he waved his magical wand at anything and everything!
  6. They take allergies seriously! This was a game changer for the boys and I. Prior to our arrival, I received not one, but TWO phone calls to discuss my boys’ allergies. Right from the start, they made sure my boys had exactly what they needed in terms of meals (prepared in a separate kitchen) and snacks (from safe brands like Divvie’s). They also helped us navigate the many options at the quick serve areas around the lodge. The boys were thrilled to see Slushies and fruit ice pops available at Buckets, right inside the waterpark, so they didn’t have to leave the fun for a snack.
  7. A typical resort includes some sort of spa experience, but Great Wolf Lodge has Scooops Kid Spa with ice cream-themed manicures, pedicures, facials and more!
  8. The kid-friendly hot tub is everything! I’ve certainly never seen one and my kids definitely haven’t been privy to one that didn’t have all sorts of signs and rules they were breaking by entering. It’s not too hot and not too tepid for them and they really do love feeling like a grown up.
  9. That said, the OVER 21 private hot tub overlooking the kids hot tub was MY everything. If only just to escape for a few minutes of perfect relaxation and refresh.
  10. Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains is so much more than just an indoor waterpark, it’s an experience!