Wishes Do Come True, Find Your Dream Family Car in Chrysler’s Pacifica

_66v1799Car shopping is never an easy task. Particularly with a large family with lots of different needs and wants, it’s hard to please everyone.  Until Now. Introducing the All-New Chrysler Pacifica!

  • uConnect Theater System – Hands down, always a favorite! This one was a no brainer. Being able to watch movies on the go but this system does so much more! We’re talking games, apps, wireless streaming, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB and Blu-Ray connectivity — the possibilities are endless! Just like being on a plane, there is an “Are We There Yet?” Trip Tracker – Dare they ask me again! I picture many quiet calm travels ahead!
  • Stow n’ Vac: I couldn’t believe my daughter said this would be a favorite. Then she dropped the mike. It’s really to stop me from nagging them to keep the car clean. It’s like they read my mind… my biggest problem with cars is how dirty it can get with 4 kids. I’d love to tell them not to eat in the car… but really… it lasts for about 2 car rides before the snacks and food become a necessity (reality). BUT THE MESS! I am going to love telling them to use that integrated vacuum whenever and always when they see a speck of crumb.  No excuse! It can reach every corner of the van!
  • 8 Passenger Seating – I was ready for divorce papers when my husband thought we could suffice with a smaller SUV and possibly even a sedan with 4 children.  He argued that if everyone needed to go somewhere… we could just take TWO cars instead. Obviously he is NOT the primary driver in this house. He forgets that often, in addition to my 4 kids, I’ve got their friends and grandparents more often than not. Seating for 8 is AWESOME!
  • _66v271080MPH! – Yes you read right! EIGHTY! 8-0! 80! It is the world’s first and only Hybrid Minivan and my wallet is so in love!
  • Hands-free lift gate – Always with my hands full, this is going to be handy – pun intended!
  • Easy-Tilt Seats – If you’ve got little ones still in car seats, this is a great feature for keeping the 3rd row accessible while keeping your little ones safe and secure at all times.
Yes, I could sit here and write a ton more about all the amazing features of the Chrysler Pacifica (stow n’ go seating, tri=pane panoramic sunroof, 360° surround view camera, blind spot warning, collision warning, lane departure warning, etc.,), but let’s be real… You’re not going to buy a car, based off of my post. You’re going to want to take it for a spin, and way more than just a short little test drive. Field Trips are the New Test Drive and the Pacifikids are giving you and your family the opportunity to take a trip of a lifetime!
Check out these adorable Pacifikids who know exactly what a family like yours needs in your next car!

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{ disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by FCA US, LLC but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.” }