When “We’re Not Ready” because “We Must”

My daughter has been asking for a cellphone ever since she laid her hands on my iPhone (at the tender age of 2).

At 2 years old, “You’re too little”.

At 3 years old, “Still too little!”

At 4 years old, “Yep, still too little!”

At 5 years old, “What does a 5 year old need a cellphone for?”

At 6 years old, “Your aunt bought you an iPad, you’re welcome.”

At 7 years old after being told her friends have cellphones, “and if they said to jump off a bridge, would you?”

At 8 years old… “You win.”

GizmoGadgetI had to come to grips with the fact that my daughter had a busier social life than I ever did at age 8.  After an incident that had us both unable to reach each other by any means, my husband and I had to come to terms with the fact that she may indeed NEED a cellphone.

Some people have definitely raised their eyebrows at me when they learned she now had a cellphone, as I too, had often before when learning a friend’s young child had a cellphone. She does go out a lot with her friends, supervised of course by an adult, but often times she’s wanted to call me to ask some private questions. It’s tough when she doesn’t feel comfortable asking the supervising adult to call and know what she was asking about, letting them decide if a question is phone worthy or not.  Before anymore speculations arise, questions like, Can I buy this toy with the money you gave me? Or things like she’s tired and wants to come home but doesn’t want to offend the host by telling them she wants to go home. Legitimate questions she should be able to call me or her father and ask.

GizmoGadget2The idea of a cellphone and all it’s features — ACCESS — really did scare us. We wanted complete control of the cellphone situation – who she could call, who can call her, can she or can she not text message? Until recently there really wasn’t a viable option — Until the GizmoGadget.

While my husband and I were quietly coming to terms with the fact that our 8 year old may indeed need a cellphone, we just kept pushing that thought aside until I attended the Verizon Summit and learned all about the GizmoGadget.  Bells were ringing all over, the exact solution — cellphone — my husband and I were looking for. Of course we were even more thrilled to learn it’s exclusive only to Verizon, our wireless carrier.  There was no other product like this on the market.

  • She can only call and receive calls from up to 10 numbers we program, which is just the right amount of contacts an 8 year old should have.  We were able to add my husband and I, her grandparents, her other immediate family members and even had a spot left for her bestie. Thanks to a recent update to the GizmoHub software, Verizon listened to feedback and now you can customize your contact names like Nana or Mima instead of by association – Cousin, Grandma, or Dad
  • It’s waterproof, as we never know what she’s into from a minute to minute basis
  • It’s got GPS tracking using primarily Google’s GPS location service! All through the GizmoHub, at any given time I (and any other designated caregiver) can check in to see where she’s at, it’s also got check in prompting. Although they have a CYA (cover your ass) statement of accuracy within 3 miles, I’ve found them to be pretty darn accurate.
  • You can program quiet times, for times like when she’s at school or bedtime.
  • You can set up auto-answer calls if she, after 10 seconds, doesn’t answer, it automatically answers your call
  • It’s got a To Do List.  I love sending her things like, Clean your room before Mommy gets home, Take out the trash, go to TKD. LOADS of fun for mom!
  • All the control you have through the GizmoHub (Available on both android and iPhone). You can make adjusts to the settings any time, even when the GizmoGadget isn’t even near you.  All changes are pushed through Verizons 4G LTE network.
  • It looks kinda like an iWatch, which is kinda cooler than an iPhone at this point
  • It has an activity tracker so she doesn’t have to wear her Garmin anymore
  • It has fun ringtones, sounds and displays.
  • She can “text” albeit only preprogrammed customizable messaging like “yes” “no” “pick me up please”
  • It also has some cool features like voice changer
  • She can call us anytime she wants and look really cool doing so.
  • She has a cellphone!

She’s now had the GizmoGadget for over a couple of months now and we don’t know how we lived so long without it. She never leaves home without it. It even goes to school with her. It doesn’t have a load of games or other distractions. It does what it does and just enough to keep us all happy. We absolutely love the GPS feature, and have even obsessively tracked her entire route home sometimes, alerting someone to open the door for our girl because… she’s home! It’s going to be put to a real test soon as we take it on the road with us to the RunDisney Princess 1/2 Marathon where she and I will be separated for a few hours, in another state, but connected through the GizmoHub.

GizmoGadget3Seeing his big sister have a phone, had my 5 year old begging for one too. Since the recommended age for the Gizmo Gadget is 3+, for his 6th birthday we gifted him his very own GizmoGadget.  Although the novelty of having it quickly wore off as he doesn’t particularly like wearing things on his wrist or simply wasn’t use to having something heavier on it, we have insisted he wear it on certain occasions like when he might wander off at a video arcade or a store etc.,  The GizmoHub does allow for additional Gizmo Gadgets to be added to the interface. We’ll definitely be working on getting him more accustomed to it on his wrist.

The GizmoGadget is available exclusively at Verizon Wireless for $149.99 with a 2-year contract. Service is only $5 a month which makes the GizmoGadget a no-brainer for peace of mind and service you can count on.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador, I receive no compensation for my post, no discount on my service, I pay for my own plan and service. I just happen to love everything about Verizon and now there’s so much MORE to love! #VZWBuzz