What is a Dual Band Router and Why Do You Need One?

Take inventory of all your wireless devices in your home and you might be surprised at how many devices are competing for your router bandwidth.  Finding your download speeds or internet connection a little slow?  Perhaps your streaming video seems all of sudden to need a lot more time buffering.  It may be all related to what kind of router you have.

With the FiOS Quantum Gateway, you get dual-band technology that allows your family to use both high and low bandwidth tasks like checking email and streaming movies simultaneously.

2.4GHz is one of the most widely used bandwidths for things like cordless phones, bluetooth devices, baby monitors, free Wi-Fi access points.  Considering this, your inventory of wireless devices in your home probably just went up and how you can understand why things seem a little slower.  5GHz channel is much less congested and has 23 non-overlapping channels which is 8 times more than the 2.4GHz channel.  5GHz channel is perfect for video streaming. You could say 2.4GHz is older and 5GHz is the latest and greatest but a combination of the two is even better giving you more bandwidth for a more seamless internet experience.

Your FiOS Quantum Gateway, by default, has both frequencies enables and share the same Wireless Network name and password.  Many newer devices support dual band allowing your connected devices to automatically determine which frequency to use depending on how close or far your are from the FiOS Quantum Gateway.  You can change and separate the frequencies to give yourself more control over your devices and their access on the My FiOS app or the Quantum Gateway access portal.


Devices that stream a lot of video, video game playing or network speed is a priority, it is suggested to be used on the 5GHz channel. Devices that do simple tasks like checking email or browsing the web should be defaulted to 2.4GHz channel. Have too much interference? You may prefer the 5GHz channel, although its range is much smaller than 2.4GHz.


Visit Verizon’s Speed Test site to test and find out your Internet speed. Want to further optimize your internet speed? Visit the FiOS Speed Optimizer and follow the instructions. With the FiOS Quantum Gateway and its dual-band technology, you have faster sharing and the best connection to the FiOS network.

{ disclosure:  I am a Verizon Lifestyle Ambassador and #LifeOnFiOS Ambassador.  I have been a long time FiOS customer, since the very first day it came into my neighborhood 6-7 years ago and have never turned back!  As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own! }