VISITING: Stepping Stone Museum

Childrens museums are one of my favorite kid busy activities. I love that there are more than plenty of activities for my wide-age spanned clan (18 months, 4 & 7 year old) as well as many that they can all happily participate in together.  They are way better than any amusement park in my book.  There is no worry of heat exhaustion or dehydration, plenty of air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.  I relish in letting them run amok while learning at the same time, even if they won’t acknowledge the learning part.   The best part about childrens museums is what affordable fun they are with a museum membership.  While the childrens museum reciprocal plan has undergone some major changes with some facilities limiting the free access to 2 tickets, they are still worth every penny.

Living in the city, you have great access to so many children’s museums.  Just to name a few:  Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Brooklyn Children’s Museum and the Long Island Children’s Museum.  Included now are some of the science museums including the New York Hall of Science.

Recently we got visit one of our favorite childrens museum’s, Stepping Stone Museum, in Norwalk, Connecticut as guests of Kids Club Thirteen ambassador, Lisa of New York Chica.  Just a little over an hour outside of the city, it’s a well worth it trek.  A beautifully and recently renovated museum, my kids couldn’t get enough.  Most of our morning was spent in the newly expanded Tot Town.  On a fairly quiet weekday, they will allow an older child entry with their younger siblings provided they are behaved.  For this mom, this was important.  My little boy was allowed to climb and explore to his hearts content while his older siblings helped him at every turn.  It was endearing to watch how protective they were of their little brother.  Even so I watched his growing independence as his confidence grew with slide down and back up the tree house path.

One of our favorite stops in the museum was the Energy Lab.   Who doesn’t love water fun?!  Equipped with child sized lab coats, they were experimenting with levels and pulls — splishing and splashing abound.

There’s so much to do at this expansive museum, we had only touched on a few of the amazing activities this place had to offer.  We’ll definitely be back real soon and hope you’ll check it out as well!

P.S.  This is a breastfeeding-friendly facility with a comfy couch inside the Tot Town infant arena!