VISITING: Bob the Builder Splash Works

The family and I were invited to the Grand Opening Celebration of Bob the Builder’s Splash Works at Splash Down Beach yesterday.  This is Bob the Builder’s first permanent amusement attraction in North America.  Splash Works is a 1,600 square feet Bob the Builder themed spray & play area geared towards kids ages 1-5 years.  Perfect for my brood!  Anything that lets the infant has fun along side his siblings is great for our ears.  We were so excited to check it out!  With over 50 interactive features, it included Bob’s tool shed play structure, two slides, tipping buckets, tot bounces, dancing water, and loads of geysers.  While I thought all the features were randomly turning on and off, I learned that it is actually powered by the “Rain Brain” computer system which allows features to respond to children’s movements and step activators that trigger different water effects throughout the play area. Only an hour and a half outside of the city, this waterpark is a hidden gem!  There is something for everyone!  After spending the morning at Bob the Builder’s Splash Works, we took some time to explore the rest of the park.  Perfect for families of all ages, we particularly loved the Shipwreck Lagoon.  Water heights never went above 2 feet and let the infant feel as big as his sister.  He was fearlessly entering the water, through waterfalls and sliding down the slides.  There were tons of lifeguards around and life jackets abundant. If you just want to chillax, visit Croc Creek and just cruise along the lazy river.  There are dumping buckets, fountains and geysers to cool you off along the way.  The infant was squealing with delight each time we stumbled upon one. The toddler was all about the Monster Wave Pool.  She’s worked herself up to it and now loves hopping over incoming waves with her daddy. We had hardly visited half the park before the infant needed a nap, but that’s a-OK by us!  We’ll definitely be back real soon.  At $29.99 for guests over 42″ and $25.99 for guests under 42″, it beats many of the other parks for summer time fun.  We also loved the many restrooms equipped with changing areas and plenty of seating to rest and regroup before engaging in more water fun.