Up Close with the Omano Scientific JuniorScope, The Ultimate Microscope for Kids

As the kids get older, I’m finding it harder and harder to find unique and yet awesome gifts that will pass the two-fold test – a gift the kids will truly appreciate and one the parents won’t cringe over. When a mom friend recommended checking out the Omano Scientific JuniorScope, it was exactly what I was looking for!

This is a legit, real, high-quality compound microscope and by no means can it be called a toy microscope. Identical to what they would use in a science lab or class, it has high-grade precision glass optics (40x, 100x, 400x) with 2-in-1 high power and low lower magnification settings. Using 3 included AA batteries, it has top and bottom LED illumination to examine both translucent and opaque specimens.

I didn’t have to twist any arms when this beauty arrived. Taking one for the team they said, my kids could not wait to open the Omano Scientific JuniorScope, check it out and give me their full assessment for my holiday gift guide. What’s the verdict?


What THEY lovedWhat I loved

  • It comes with 5 prepared slides. Those 5 prepared slides had them researching and trying to figure out what they were looking at from Musca Leg W.M. to what is an Allium Seale Epidermis W.M.
  • It comes with 5 BLANKS SLIDES to make our own.I loved watching them think and debate amongst themselves about what to put on those slides and even more so asking me to buy more slides so they could split the slides evenly amongst themselves
  • It comes with real scientific tools like a pipette, forceps, test tubes, petri dish, stains and swabs. | They were starting to sound like real scientists using terminologies like forceps instead of tweezers and pipette instead of dropper or water sucker. 


  • Read the instructions before starting. Like most kids, they want to jump right in. I found reading the instructions helpful in so many ways to reinforce all the learning opportunities the Omano Scientific JuniorScope has to offer from caring for a quality piece of equipment from keeping it out of direct sunlight, never touching the objective lens directly, how to reduce eye strain by keeping both eyes open. If your kids are anything like mine, I can tell them the rules and guidelines, but reading it for themselves has them actually following the rules and guidelines.
  • The slides are glass. Must exercise caution with both the prepared and blank slides. If a younger child is participating, like my 4-year-old, adult supervision is recommended.
  • What you see in the microscope is reversed, so when you move the slide to the right, it moves to the left. 
  • To examine solid objects like leaves and insects use the low-power setting
  • To examine transparent objects like blood cells and bacteria, use the high-power setting.

The Omano Scientific JuniorScope is sure to be a hit this holiday season for both your budding scientist and generally curious child. It comes with the World of the Microscope, an Usborne Science an Experiments book which you know that Usborne books are a family favorite. Thier illustrations are amazing and this book is chock full of information, experiments and projects to do with your new Omano Scientific JuniorScope.

While the recommended age for the Omano Scientific JuniorScope is 8+, as I mentioned above, even my 4-year-old want to play with the microscope. Right now, starting on Black Friday, it’s ON SALE for $89.99, down from $130 on Microscope.com. Additional accessories like more slides, a smartphone camera mount or an aluminum carrying case can also be purchased.

{ disclosure: A sample was received for review. As always, all opinions expressed here are my very own. }