Toys Toys and More Toys!

When it comes to buying gifts for kids, I’m often at a loss.  You think with 3 kids of varying ages – 8, 5 & 2 – I would have an inkling or at least an insight to what would make their cool toy list.   But I don’t.  I know what my kids have and what they don’t.  Beyond that… Nada.  When I walk into a toy store I am often overwhelmed.  Then comes in the experts at The Big Toy Book and the Sweet Suite at BlogHer!

I got a chance to interact with so many amazing brands and started to create a shopping list.  Here are my Top FINDS for purchase.

The fabulous team at Neat-Oh were showcasing their amazing ZipBins and lunchboxes.  I have been a long time fan of Neat-Oh.  I especially love their travel sets and have often thought how perfect a party favor they would make.  Making another point, their prices… AMAZING!  I love their collaborations with LEGO and Barbie.  Cute storage options that Mommy can live with.

Nuko Toys and their amazing Monsterology & Animal Planet Wildlands cards are must have stocking stuffers this holiday season.  If you child loves Pokemon, this will floor them.  Download the free iPad & iPhone App, watch the characters literally spring to life on your iPad & iPhone with a tap of the card.  I’m still trying to figure out how it does that.  The card packs are priced from $1.99 to $14.99 for the complete set.  Kids these days have everything but they’ve yet to see something like this.  I’m constantly in awe of what the iPhone and iPad can do and go.
The Fashion Angels know my little girl!  More stocking stuffers for her!  We love Tapeffiti!  There is hours of fun to be had with these.  Did you see Chox?  Hot off of the feathers trend, the kids will be Chox-ing their hair this fall.  Super easy to use and doesn’t stain, there’s lots of fun to be had with these.  They’d both be perfect for sleepover party fun.
Skylanders is huge with my nephew and I already anticipate his excitement over the Skylanders Giants game coming out this fall.  He’s already got every character for the first game.  I better start saving up as I’m sure we’ll be out for all the Giants.
I got a chance to get reacquainted with an old friend at the Imperial Toys table and she showed me their super cool Zooma toy.  I simply must have these for my overly active boys.  I should probably get one for my daughter too to defend herself don’t you think?  Super fun and super soft for safety.  I could be okay with this for sure and should provide hours of entertainment at a great value.

We are still reeling from the loss of my daughter’s charm bracelet on a catamaran ride in Jamaica.  Since then, we have subsequently lost 2 more replacement bracelets and my wallet is feeling the pain.  I had seen Charm It display many times on the Gap counter-top but dismissed it as an option.  I got a chance to check it out close up and I have changed my mind.  This charming company is made for kids.  With plenty of adorable charms to choose from, my daughter is happy but mom is thrilled to see a bracelet that will make it through any kid challenges.  The bracelet itself is a strong jewelry grade steel link with plenty of room for charms all at a price point my wallet can handle.
Having grown up crafty, I love Alex Toys.  They are one of those classic brands that make me nostalgic for those days.  Bringing back more of those memories was checking out their new Friendship bracelet singles.  I remember clocking many hours making these for my best friends.  Now they have their ALL DUCT OUT line where they can create their own fashion with… DUCT TAPE!

LAST but not least… my favorite game this year is an entire system actually.  The Microsoft XBox 360 with Kinect.  Gone are those safety hazard of flying controllers.  I have been known to clock many hours with Dance Central 2 and can’t believe Dance Central 3 is already on its way!  MUST MUST HAVE!  It’s an instant party in my living room for sure!  What I’m most excited about is the Nike+ Kinect Training.  The years almost out but I am all of a sudden going full speed ahead for a BETTER ME!   I can get my sexy back in my living room, and the virtual trainer who coaches my every move won’t call me out for wearing the same yoga pants three days in a row.  Who’s calling me frumpy now?!

I love The Big Toy Book.  They always know what’s cool and what kids want.  I always leave armed with a list and going to the toy store next time isn’t going to be so overwhelming.

{ disclosure:  I attended an event hosted by The Big Toy Book.  I received a gift bag that may have contained some of the above items, but none of which influenced my opinion on them at all.  What I love, I JUST love. }