The Ultimate #GameChanger from @Britax

britax3 Why is it that we often feel like we need an Ivy League degree in engineering to figure out buying and installing car seats for our kids? It seems as though we never really know if the seat is secure enough, or whether or not the seat is installed properly. We can never easily figure out where the seat belts go, or if the LATCH system is providing the proper amount of security. Most importantly, many first time parents don’t even know if they even have a LATCH system and/or does the car accommodate this?

There are so many choices when it comes to car seats that even the most safety conscious parents can get overwhelmed by the options. I know when my husband and I first started our research process (on which seats worked best for us) we looked to the more seasoned parents, and car seat experts for advice. While I’m not an official expert at this point, I can say for certain what most parents need to look for in a car seat. I can also say that all parents can stop looking because you are certain to find it all in one brand: Britax.britax7

Firstly, with my two children in both a convertible car seat and harness to booster, and having two cars, my husband and I were hoping to have just two seats that were easily and safely installed and transferable to both of our cars. (Why spend more money on extra car seats for the same two children?)
I was also in need of seats that are easily installed and removed by practically anyone – especially babysitters and grandparents.
One of my main concerns when it comes to driving with my kids has always been (not surprisingly) safety.

It is a fact that 75% of car seats are misused (that means every 3 out of 5 seats may be installed incorrectly or not properly secured).
36000 national certified car seat technicians are available as resources and yet since 1997 misuse rates have remained about the same.
The most commonly used car seat is the convertible car seat to protect our little ones. Since convertible car seats can face both rear and forward in cars, they can be used from infancy, thus making them perfect for long term use as your child grows. Do to the versatility of a convertible car seat, the investment in your purchase is inevitably a wise one, as ultimately parents can save money (because they will not need a second seat as their child grows).
britax1Britax took the latest statistics in car seat safety statistics, along with installation errors and parental safety concerns and came up with a solution that is so simple and practical, it makes convertible car seat installation as easy as putting a seat belt on yourself. Up until now this game-changing ClickTight Installation System had only been available in the Britax Harness-2-Booster seats.
Coming this September (2014), you will be able to find this amazing and practical technology in the Britax convertible car seat models as well. Now parents can rest easy as your child will be able to benefit from the safety and comfort of riding in a Britax ClickTight car seat from birth and through toddler-hood.

britax6This revolutionary installation system is beyond simple and will leave you as parents feeling confident that your child will be safe and secure while sitting pretty in his/her seat.
The ClickTight system works by tucking the seat belt underneath the seat itself and snapping it into place (To see how easy it is to install click here: Britax ClickTight in action).
All it takes is less than a minute to rotate the ClickTight button and lift the bottom portion of the seat to reveal the compartment in which the seat belt will lie. You simply tuck the seat belt in, lower the seat cushion and snap it back into place. It’s that easy. I promise, I tried to jiggle, wiggle, and move the car seat once that belt was in place and it didn’t even budge. I don’t even know if I can say that about my current car seats (which aren’t made by Britax).

It is evident that the quality of Britax products is superior to its competitors. It is also obvious that Britax really listens to the concerns of their consumers and has come up with a quality technology than almost anyone would be excited about. Had I had known of the high standard of safety and ease that Britax car seats continues to provide its customers, it would have saved me a lot of money – because I wouldn’t have purchased anything else.britax8